A day in the life

Predictably, I fell firmly off of the blog every day in May band wagon with an almighty thump (although I’ve chronicled more this month than I have in ages), but I firmly intended to do the post where you have to take a photo every hour and talk about your day. Unfortunately, I kept forgetting to take the first photo and was getting to lunch time before I remembered, but today I was determined!


6-7 Up a whole stinking hour earlier than usual, as I was off to Edinburgh. The usual shower, dress, breakfast shenanigans, then it was on to the back of my trusty steed (or Mark’s motorbike) for him to give me a lift to London City airport.  Officially my favorite of all the airports as it’s only minutes from home, you only have to turn up 10 minutes before your flight takes off, and no low cost airlines fly from there which means I can fly BA with a clear conscience and not have to pay £20 for a cup of tea!


7-8 Came unstuck at security- forgot my metal buckles on my bike boots… and my belt… and my necklace and got a very thorough pat down.  Was told (very kindly) by the security lady that lots of people come unstuck with that particularly if they’re not frequent flyers. Felt a bit put out because I AM a frequent flyer, just, apparently, a stupid one.  Still made it through security in record time and was sat on the plane within 45 minutes of leaving the house.


8-9 In the air. Forgot BA do a proper cooked breakfast on the early Edinburgh flights, but wasnt about to turn down free stuff, so dutifully ate my second breakfast of the morning


9-10 Landed.  Quick change out of my fetching ensemble of jeans and bike boots into something resembling work wear (too busy eating microwave breakfast on the plane to go to the loo) and on the bus to the conference centre.  Today was an installation meeting for the massive conference my company is hosting in July.  Ive not been to an installation meeting before so basically barged my way in to find out what it was all about


10-4 Meeting.  Nothing really photo-worthy apart from lunch, which involved a personal cheese board, but I wasn’t about to get up and start taking photos,  in case people thought I was mad, so you’ll just have to trust me that the meeting was interesting, and lunch was delicious!


4-5 Return journey to the airport.  Dear lord, my life is scintillating. Had a little time to kill, so looked longingly at expensive OPI nail varnishes in the shop.  Remembered it’s Thursday nail night.


5-7 Still had some time to kill, so bought glamour magazine- bargain price of £1 and a very enjoyable read- I think I will be investing again- haven’t bought glamour in ages- and a cup of tea while I waited for my gate number


7-8- In the air.  I find it entirely impossible to not have a gin and tonic on a flight.  It’s the rules. And is free (Thanks BA). And a tiny bag of crisps. It’s not quite a microwaved breakfast but I’m certainly not complaining. Saw the Olympic Park as we were flying back over London. Almost tried to take a picture but thought the man in the window seat might have thought I was weird (note- I am an aisle seat traveler.  Aisle seat for the win).

8-9 train home. Mark had inconveniently gone to yoga and couldn’t pick me up. Popped in to exercise my democratic rights on the way home.  No pics because the candidates were all standing outside the polling station. Heard once of them say ‘do you think we’re a bit intimidating, standing here?’ as I came out. Er, yes, actually! I was convinced I’d get stopped for a bit of last-minute campaigning


9-10 Home at last- a toast and left over chill-based dinner, followed by finishing off some cake decorations for Saturday’s masterpiece


10-12 Mark returned from yoga and we hung out for a bit and watched the Simpsons, which brings me to now, when it is time to turn in and say night night


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