Cake in a mug

In my youth, there was only one thing that my younger sister would cook. She was and is capable, but for some reason the only thing she’d ever cook for us was a chocolate sponge cake, which was cooked in the microwave, and topped with a tin of cherry pie topping and drenched in double cream. It was AH-MAZING.

Back in the present day, I haven’t eaten this cake for about a decade, but earlier in the week, me and Mark had eaten our dinner, and still had a small dessert-shaped hole waiting to be filled. Unfortunately, we had no sweet stuff in the house, save for a pot of Ambrosia custard. We wanted sweet stuff to go with our custard. The shop is at least a 5 minute walk away, so rather than braving the outside world, we made cake in a mug, which turned out to taste basically exactly the same as my sister’s chocolate sponge of yore. The past was blasted.

So much so that I’m happily sitting with my second portion of microwave chocolate cake in a week. The first time we stuck to the instructions, making a cake each in a mug using the below. I’m not sure how big the person who wrote this recipe’s mugs are, but they must be like bloody buckets- it was totally impossible to mix the mix in the mug, and it rose so close to the top that we feared spillage… Not to mention the fact that we couldnt fit the custard in, so we had to tip the cake in a cereal bowl, which proved just how humungous the portion sizes really were- totally ridiculous, Geoff! So the next time, we decided that the recipe must serve two and mixed the whole thing up in a glazed flower pot- an unconventional cake receptacle but infinitely more practical!

The recipe- adapted from Nigella

4 tablespoons self-raising flour
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons oil

Find something microwave proof, which is bigger than a mug, beat your egg in it, add the dry ingredients and give a cursory mix, then add the wet ingredients and mix it until it’s vaguely smooth and combined

Microwave for 2 minutes. Give it a poke with a skewer- try and get it so there’s still a little bit of goo inside- goo is good. There will likely be goo on top- don’t let this fool you into thinking it isn’t cooked. If it really isn’t cooked after your poke though, give it another 10 seconds and repeat the poking.

Decant into two bowls. Yes, two- don’t be that person. Top with custard, or if you’re feeling retro, cherry pie filling


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