Thursday night nail night

So I tried out my spangly new Maybelline bleached neons polish. I thought it wasn’t quite the right colour for my skin, but Mark said it looked lovely (I am a perpetual disappointment to my husband because I am a groomed princess stuck inside the body of a lazy scruffbag, and he quite likes it when I get jazzed up)

Things I learned:

*Ridge filler doesn’t make a blind bit of difference- it still took three coats of polish to make it look flat
*Don’t paint your nails and then go to bed 45 minutes later, or you will wake up with the imprint of the duvet on your polish
*Maybellline polish is freakishly gloopy and the brush is weirdly long- Found it a bit of a struggle to actually get it on my nails!

Anyway- taadaah! Pinky orangy washed out nails for your delectation (and I only went a tiny bit outside the edges, which I promise I cleaned up with a cotton wool bud!)

…better go buy some new polish for next week!



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