Here we go round the gooseberry bush

AKA ‘the one where Gemma tries (with varying degrees of success) to grow things

Now, I am meant to be blogging every day in may as part of the BEDM challange. Today’s post prompt is ‘motivation’. Which is oh so ironic, because yesterday I couldn’t even be bothered to blog at all- instead I went for a very windy horse riding lesson, where my trusty steed spooked every time the wind picked up, and then came home and sat on the sofa, while doing sweet bum crack all. So evidently not being the best placed to write about motivational topics, I’ve decided to write about my new goosberry bush instead.

I’m not really sure why I put myself through this- I love the idea of having a kitchen garden, but after last year’s rubbish attempts at vegetable growing (tomatoes- yielded 3, courgettes got dead, rocket… reasonably successful) I decided this year to go in a bit more low key(see- no motivation at all), and not to faff around growing things from seeds, which apparently I suck at. Instead, I’m going for a few pots of herbs, because fresh herbs are mighty expensive, and possibly some rocket, seeing as it worked out quite well last year, even though it just looks like you’re growing a big old pot of weeds- but then I went to the garden centre last week, and found a gooseberry bush. So I bought it. And planted it in a patch of very wormy mud at the end of the garden. I screamed A LOT.

I’m now dreaming of summer when I can make all kinds of gooseberry-related loveliness, like these…

Gooseberry and elderflower fool
Roast duck and gooseberry jam
Gooseberry gin (oh my!)

And loads of other stuff I want to try, but can never find gooseberries in the shop at the relevant moment, due to the fact that they’re not mega popular and have a seemingly very short growing season. Well,  no longer!! So roll on proper summer, when I’m hoping my little plant will have somehow magically produced loads of fruit without me actually doing anything particular!


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