Running with technology

Today’s #BEDM post prompt is all about technology. Which is convenient, because there’s been a little task I’ve been meaning to do for a few weeks now!

I run a fair bit. I run with a rather massive phone in one hand, which plays my music/radio, and tracks how far I’ve gone via lovely lovely Endomondo.

Having seen several photos of me, I look a tiny bit ridiculous running about with my phone, and I do have a horrible habit of checking it regularly to see what my pace is like, which makes it look like I’m trying to send a text message or something, so Mark suggested that what with my birthday coming up and everything, I look at perhaps getting a running watch.

There’s a baffling world of watches out there, from the cheap and cheerful to one that would probably give you a massage and make you a protein shake post-run, so I decided that I want the following (demanding or what!)

-Decent GPS-Pace calculator
-Lap timing
-Ability to count in miles and KMs
-Able to download data to computer (or phone or something) to enable geeky graph drawing and obsessive statistic collection

And I don’t really want to spend any more than £150- I reckon my birthday present pennies will just about cover that (thanks very much generous relatives!)

After a brief forage online, I’ve found these watches, which seem to fit the bill…

Nike small1- Nike+ Sports Watch (Currently £115 in Halfords)
From the brief reviews, people are saying that this is good, with GPS powered by TomTom, but a bit rigid in that you can’t configure the display, and the website that the stuff downloads to is rubbish (I can well believe that- Nike websites tend to be a bit ‘style over substance’ in my humble opinion). And I must admit, I’m not a massive fan of the way the watch actually looks… kinda reminds me of lego


TomTom small2- TomTom Runner (£149.99)
Weird, eh- two watches with TomTom stuff in them. From what I gather, TomTom got bored of collaborating with Nike and decided to go it alone. The good stuff- is apparently very user-friendly while you’re running, customisable, lightweight and comfortable, but a teensy bit slow to connect to the GPS, and a bit odd in that it comes in two parts (the watch and the strap)


Forerunner small3- Garmin Forerunner 10 (£99.99)
Proper runners seem to like Garmins, but the price hops up alarmingly over the range- The ’10’ seems to my unexpert eye to do basically the same as the Nike and the TomTom but is a geoff-load cheaper, and it comes in a few pretty colours to boot- I quite like the purple! The minuses- a reasonably short battery life, but I can’t say I’m planning on doing any runs longer than five hours in the near future!  The plusses- Small (excellent for my teeny weeny wrists), good GPS connectivity and simple to use.

Would it be wrong to say I basically want the Garmin one becuase it comes in a pretty colour? All three are flagged as good ‘beginners’ watches, or ones for people that don’t need a ridiculous amount of functions, all have pretty good reviews, but I like the way the Garmin looks, so I think that could be on my present list for this year!


2 thoughts on “Running with technology

  1. I have the Garmin Forerunner 10 and I LOVE IT… partially bc it’s pink but also because it does everything I want to and it doesn’t look ridiculous on my tiny wrists… on top of everything else is not too pricey!!!!

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