Something to be passionate about

Today’s BEDM prompt is ‘passion projects’ – something you do for fun, which you’d like to make some cash out of.

Conveniently, I do actually have one of these, of sorts- a fair few years ago, well, about five, my sister was getting married. And wedding cakes were coming out pricey, particularly as she wanted one of those (as they were then) new fangled cupcake towers. So I stepped up to the plate and in spite of never having baked anything more complicated than a wonky chocolate sponge, said I’d make her wedding cakes.

It was a rip roaring success and I enjoyed myself so much that I decided to put myself out there on a little corner of the web, called the Little Gem Bakery. And to my great stonking surprise, as well as taking orders from people I knew, I was getting emails from total strangers- it really was very odd!

My collection of cake making equipment grew to epic proportions and I started taking on a silly amount of work- there was one weekend when I made three wedding cakes and a birthday order, from my tiny weeny kitchen and something had to give, so I asked my fantabulous husband to help out- Mark comes from the loins of an expert cake decorator and is super artsy, so he was well placed to help make decorations, models and various fiddly bits, as well as occasionally being in charge of weilding the cake mixer.

About eighteen months ago, we were moving house, things were getting a bit busy with my actual work work and i just sort of wanted my evenings and weekends back, so I made the decision to slow things down. The website’s still up, but in an epic bit of crap buisnesswomanry, I’ve been turning down more orders than I’ve taken on this year. If I’m entirely honest, i think i might just allow it to grind to a halt over the next year- I am super grateful that I enjoy my ‘proper’ job so much that I’ve not needed to take the plunge with my passion project and go it full time, and have been able to make sure that cake baking carries on being enjoyable!


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