#BEDM 4. A post about films

Oops, falling off the blog every day in May bandwagon already- I went or for dinner with the ladies of the rugby club yesterday then met Mark in the pub, a night which ended up with 4 of us eating pizza and potato waffles at 2.30 in the morning.

Consequently I was feeling a little bit jaded yesterday. We did manage to rouse ourselves to go to a boot sale (didn’t buy anything- was mainly baby clothes) then helped my mum cut down a massive bush in her garden (punctuated by snail races with my cousins), but apart from that we spent the rest of the evening loafing and consequently, I couldn’t be bothered to blog so you may get an am and pm edition today!

The topic for day 4 was sci fi, due to it being May the 4th, like in star wars, gettit? While I don’t mind a bit odd sci fi,  I must confess I didn’t see the original three star wars films until about 3 years ago, and so, I’m probably not best placed to write on the topic and thought I’d present a brief rundown of my top 5 films instead.  In no particular order.  It feels disloyal to place one as absolute top!

*The Rocky Horror Picture Show- I suppose this could be loosely construed as sci fi actually! I watched this pretty much every weekend of my childhood, at my nans.  Still have no idea why it was deemed to be appropriate viewing for my child self, what with the killing, (vaguely comical) violence, sexy times and the nudity (and I guess the transvestites!), but still, I have continued on the tradition by watching it regularly through adulthood. In fact we watched it on Saturday after the pub. And yes, I did make everyone do the time warp

*Pulp Fiction- I didn’t see this when it was released and actually saw it about 10 years later at uni, when some company, I think it was diet coke, was doing a promotion where you could watch classic films on the silver screen, so we picked this one, and I was amazed! I loved the whole thing so much- the script, the characters, the mad back and forth timeline, that I didn’t even care what was in the suitcase

*Sister Act 2- Back in the Habit- I loved the first sister act, and remember me and my sister badgering my mum to take us to see it. Singing nuns didn’t really do it for her though, so she took us to the nearest shopping centre, bought us our tickets and went shopping, so I think this marks the earliest memory of me going to the flicks solo. And I still remember the elation when they won first place in the choir competition.  It Rocked My Tiny World

*American Pie- AKA the first film me and Mark watched together. I remember struggling to breathe because I was laughing so much. Obviously the superior film in the series (I’ve not even bothered to watch those band camp spin off ones), we both loved them all really, because the characters were the same sort of age as us and the films when they were released matched our lives, so watching them again makes me feel all nostalgic

*Dirty Dancing- another one that actually, thinking about it was a bit weird for a child to be watching, but watch it I did copiously, then I went off with my friends and we tried to re-enact THAT final dance.  Never did manage the lift though.

So there you have it-the majority aren’t classics, in fact I think many people would denounce Sister Act 2 as being down right crap, but I love every one and would happily watch all of them back to back again today!


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