My bog-standard Saturday Morning

Continuing with my ‘a post a day in May’ quest, today it was suggested that you should write a post about an average Saturday morning…

0700 alarm call-Rouse self from slumbers, make oversized cup of tea in my cool cupcake mug and suitably childish cereal to be consumed in bed. A break from the norm today- I had toasted crumpets and marmite.  Last week’s coco pops didn’t agree with me and made a bit of a break for the surface just as we were about to line up on the parkrun start line, necessitating a bit of a toilet dash!


I then hang out in bed messing around on ipad and listening to 5live until it’s time to put on running gear and head out to local parkrun.  If you don’t know what parkrun is, then… you should. Is marvellous (in a nutshell, free, weekly, timed 5km runs in parks up and down the country.

After loping round 5km of park, it’s time to head home for a shower, breakfast number 2- usually something egg-based- and a brief sit down before we tackle some domestic stuff- usually a quick tidy, a very quick hover and a speed speedy bit of dusting, while checking the parkrun website obsessively until the results come in, which then sets my mood for the day up as to whether im pleased with my performance or not

Then the morning is done and I tend to head off to my mum’s,  depositing Mark at the local rugby club if he playing and it’s onwards with my day!


2 thoughts on “My bog-standard Saturday Morning

    • Thanks! I was sooo poor when I bought it that I went back to the shop three times before I took the plunge! Glad I did though- gotta have a little frivolity in your life, right?!

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