Blog Every Day in May- Day 1

I seem to be reading a heck of a lot of blogs at the moment- I’ve been falling down a wormhole- read something, follow a link, follow the resulting blog, read that, repeat and a few weeks later, find yourself following about 60 blogs and not being able to keep up with them. Anyway, I digress- via this:, I got wind of a blogging challange where you basically have to post something every day in May, on here

And because, as you may or may not have gathered, I bloody love a challange/list/structured idea for something, I’ve decided to give it a go. As per the Apartment Therapy January Cure, I suspect I’ll start off great guns, followed by getting a bit bored around the middle of the month and peetering out.

The idea is that it’ll zhuzz up your content output, and maybe bring a few new visitors, which is always nice. There’s a guide for a post idea each day via the Rosalilium website but you don’t have to stick to it, so my vague plan is to take some of the ideas, but keep on with some of my usual witterings.

I’ll stick to day one though- can’t be going off piste too early. So: on day one, you’re invited to write on the topic of what is your blog is about?

Well, this is a bit of a mixed bag- I’d love to call this a lifestyle blog, but I’m scared to, because people with lifestyle blogs (which I just love reading) are generally very good at taking pictures. My photography efforts are quite pitiful, although I’m improving, and are generally limited to inside my house because if I do go out and about, I feel all self conscious about taking pics- Seriously- I saw someone crouched in the middle of a very busy road yesterday trying to take a good shot of some graffitti on the side of a building- I don’t want to be that person! Perhaps a scaled back version of that person, with less possibility of death.

So, I shall call this basically an internet corner of my real life life- Somewhere that I can make lists about things, share what’s been going on in my day (as mundane as it is), progress made with my running career, document the odd cake or dinner for those that are interested and have the occasional whinge, and some pictures- some improving pictures!

In attempt to master picture taking (oh, and by the way, I don’t particularly want to be one of ‘those’ people who carries around a massive camera bag, with loads of kit but who has no idea how to use it properly, so I’m just going to be using my samsung galaxy s4 camera… I figure that good people can get brill pictures from iphones, so I shall in time be able to get good pictures with my phone too!) I’ve started snapping stuff. Here’s a picture of my lunch. I’m pleased to report it was delicious.

wpid-2014-05-01-12.29.47.jpg.jpegHmm… so this has turned into a partial ‘woo, new challange’ blog, and partially into a vague rant about my photo taking skills and the skills of others. Hey ho- This is what it’s like over here- If you’re new, welcome to my world, I hope you stay a while- I’m not always quite so rambly!!





2 thoughts on “Blog Every Day in May- Day 1

  1. I always look at the other photographs on blogs out there and think yeah, I’m not even gonna try haha!! I look forward to reading more of your #BEDM posts :)

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