Ramping up the mileage

I’ve not mentioned it yet, because I was a little bit scared that I’d try and weasle out of it, but in a couple of weeks, I’ll be partaking in my first ever 10km race.

This one…Ignore their horrible website- a tip- scroll down and you’ll find stuff out

It’s on 10th May, in Victoria Park and a night run (hence the name) and is run by Nike, so it’s all very groovy and will likely be full of people that are infinitely cooler than me. My favourite bit so far is that you get a free tshirt- not a crappy tshirt that is good for nothing except wearing for bed- a groovy cool technical tshirt, in a (slightly dubious about this) mint green shade. It’s in my drawer waiting for the big day

Anyways, because until this point, the furthest I’d run continuously is perhaps 6k, I figured I better start upping my distance, so in the first half of the last few weeks, me and the Mr have been taking ourselves out for a nice pootle. The intention was that I’d add a kilometre on each week, getting to 11km a couple of weeks ago, so I could start a professional-sounding taper, but I had a few lazy weeks, and hence, last night we went out for my longest run so far- 9km. I’m pretty confident that the final k won’t be a problem, so I’m not too worried about the fact that most 10km training plans take you over the distance. As the first race at that distance, I’m just concerned with getting round, feeling comfortable, enjoying it and coming in at around 1 hour 10 minutes (7 minute kms). We did the 9er with an average of 7 minutes 8 seconds per km, but I’m hoping race day mentality will speed me up.

Oh and also the hills- there were a lot of hills on this route. And grass- we did 2km round a park, in pretty long grass. I also scared a sausage dog, which was hilarious- he just kept pelting away from us, so basically, if my run is flat, tarmacced and dogless, I reckon I should be dandy

Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Ramping up the mileage

  1. Good luck! Although I’m sure you won’t need it as it sounds like your training is going well.
    As for the sausage dog, I wish more of them would run away as the dogs round here seem to enjoy trying to trip runners up. I even saw someone jump over a small dog to get past it this weekend – luckily neither the runner, the dog nor the dog’s owner seemed to mind though. ;-)

    • Haha, for something with such tiny legs, it was bloody quick! Thanks for the encouragement- Am avidly following your training for the epic race and feeling very much ‘we’re not worthy!’- 50k training runs? Hats off to you!!

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