10 nice things about my week

In no particular order, and with a complete disregard for chronology, here’s a roundup of some nice things that have happened this week

1- This week has been a quick one, thanks to the double bank holiday (and a sneaky day off last Thursday)- It’s zoomed by, but I’ve been surprisingly productive in the office

2- After much huffing and puffing, and two days graft, the garden is dug, weeded and planted. And I got to use some of the bluebell type things that are growing in earnest to make a groovy little flower arrangement


3- A third anniversary! The third is leather, so while we decided not to buy eachother presents, I did sneakily buy myself a new  leather jacket. It’s from Primark and cost under 30 quid, so clearly not real leather, but I am pleased with it nonetheless

4-A run: I had a whole week and a half off of running for various (mainly lazy-related) reasons, but went out for a week trundle yesterday, which turned into a three km speed session. Very pleased to be back and I’m looking forward to my triumphant return to parkrun on Saturday

5- An easter egg hunt: The intention was that it would be in the garden, but rain somewhat stopped play on Sunday, so we hid eggs in the front room for our small niece and nephew to find. Lyla was better than Fin, in spite of being two years younger- she’s like a truffling pig for chocolate, that one

6- Dinner with various family members- Starting off on Saturday with an impromptu takeaway with Mark’s folks, sis, nephew and nan and leading into the full on roast dinner on Sunday for my side of the family (good job we bought a bigger dining table because we wouldn’t have got all 10 of us round the old one!) including what I am terming ‘Gemma’s Easter Salmon’- I made it last year and my sis insisted that i did it again- Basically a side of salmon baked with new potatoes and bacon, finished off with peas, mint and spring onions, and roast lamb with home-made gravy. I was most proud.

7- Pudding-based breakfasts. Bit disgusted at myself for this one, but on Sunday I ate easter eggs for breakfast, and on Monday left-over profiteroles. Hoggo, but they were delicious- And see how my glorious easter eggs shine (even though they do leave a weird gold residue on your fingers)


8- Making chocolate lollies with the nephew. It looks reasonably sensible at this point, but I definitely shouldn’t have given him the pot of dragees. There were a LOT of dragees on those lollies. And the worktop. And in my slippers.

9- Eating some really dirty dinners. Stupidly, when I went to the supermarket to get food for sunday lunch, I forgot to actually buy any for the rest of the week, so as well as having to go out to buy lunch every day (which I never usually do), we’ve eaten some ridiculous meals- I had ketchup on toast for breakfast yesterday, and on Tuesday we gave up entirely and got dirty chicken burgers. Brilliant, but seriously, I need to stop behaving like this next week!

10- A nice dinner to make up for the dirty ones, and one I didn’t cook to boot- We headed over to the new abode of some friends of ours for a three course extravaganza- pea and mint soup, roast lamb and limoncello syllabub. My only complaint is that we weren’t there long enough- We had to hightail it off to get the last train by 11, so that put paid to any lengthy wine drinking and reminiscing, but on the double plus side, my hang over was virtually non-existent the next day!


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