House plans

I generally have extremely grand plans. Plans that I like to talk about endlessly (sorry Mark) but ultimately that are so bloody big that by the time I get round to executing them, they’ve changed beyond recognition.

Case in point, our house of dreams. I have a plan. My plan has already changed about 18 times in the last year and a half that we’ve lived there but I figured I may as well document the current one- At least it’ll stop me from boring Mark!

December 2012- Decorate master bedroom (master bedroom sounds ridiculously grand, doesn’t it!)
December 2013- Decorate the front room and dining room

Excellent, so that’s a good start then!

Sort out the back garden (partially done- just one more bed to do and then the obvious ‘a garden’s never finished’ jiggery plantery to continue with) and tidy up the front

-Decorate and theme the ‘room at the end of the garden’. At the end of our garden, we have a brick-built ‘garage’- it’s tiled, has heat and lighting and stuff and we are going to be turning it into a pub. And a gym. It currently has a running machine, weights bench, two pots of paint and some assorted tat in it. Gonna take a leeetle bit of vision to sort this out

-Lay a path from the patio to the pub at the end of the garden

-Paint either the back or front windows of the house. We have wooden framed windows. I love them, but part of the deal of wooden windows is that you have to paint them occasionally. They’re also brown/stained, which I hate- They will be white and wonderful! Haven’t decided whether to tackle the front (with the bay windows) or the back (with the french doors) yet. Possibly the back because it’s easier and I am inherently lazy.

This is where it gets a little bit silly- In my ideal world, I’d like to take the opportunity to remortgage in late 2014 when our fixex rate deal runs out and use the extra cash to extend downstairs. I’ve got visions of a big kitchen-diner across the back of the house, to replace our teeny galley kitchen, and using the space in the current kitchen for a utility room, slash downstairs loo, slash walk in pantry. I WANT A WALK IN PANTRY.

In my positive brain, this would be a good time to do it- We’ll be able to get a new mortgage at a lower rate of interest than we currently have, so the additional borrowing won’t actually affect our monthly payments too drastically. But the likelihood is that we’ll decide it’s too big a jump to make and will sit quietly in our small but ample for us kitchen until we manage to save the money up to do ourselves… in about 10 years time

So if we don’t start going down the road of builders and all that jazz, 2015 will more likely be…

-Decorate the hallway, stairs and landing.
Decorate and replace carpets in the back bedroom and the box room
-Paint the outside windows – whatever of the front or back that we didn’t do in 2014.

The 2015 plan will basically dictate the five years after that, so until we get past the remortgaging issue in November time, that’s as far as my wild planning will go.

Planning to be continued….


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