Three whole years

Yesterday, as well as being bank holiday Monday, was me and the Mr’s third anniversary. Three whole years! Oh how the time has flown!

I looked back at the post I did this time last year, and to be honest, our second year of marriage was a lot more eventful than our third… not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but in ‘Year 2’ we moved twice, sold our flat, bought a house and had a right old ball ache of a time trying to evict a problematic from our unsold flat. This year, it’s been a little bit more peaceful, although probably no more relaxing- No specific ‘big news’, but we’ve painted and decorated, and cleaned and tidied, gone for lots of runs, on a few holidays, seen friends and family and generally have gone on with  life in an ‘everyday’ sort of manner.

Last year we had a pretty quiet anniversary, involving some gardening and a tiny barbeque. This year, we decided to take ourselves off for a little cultural sightseeing and after a tiny bit of pleading, Mark relented and we went to the Victoria and Albert museum. Up my alley, because it has some cool sections on fashion, furniture and ceramics and after initially whining a little bit about wanting to go to the science museum, because, yes, Mark is essentially a 7 year old boy, he was happy enough looking at the photography. The V&A’s awesome- there really is something for everyone! And of course it has the added  bonus that most of the UK’s national museums have, in that it’s totally free of charge to get in. WIN!

Oh, a small digression- I left the house in a very nice navy blue print tea dress and cardi, but couldn’t find a coat or jacket to go with my ensemble, so took a quick trip into primark. The only jacket I could find didn’t go with the dress (navy blue and black? I think not), so rather than just being cold all day, I decided to buy a dress to go with my jacket… and a bigger handbag so I could put my old clothes into it once I got changed (tee hee). Mark got in on the act by buying a new polo shirt too, so I spent the whole day carrying around a massive handbag of clothes!


After a bit of a trundle, we stopped for some overpriced sandwiches in the V&A cafe… the surroundings kinda made up for paying £8 for a baguette- My crap photography skills didn’t do it justice, but have a look here– it’s awesome cool (and a brief bit of info from their website, if I may…

The Café is located in the V&A’s original refreshment rooms, the Morris, Gamble and Poynter Rooms. These three rooms formed the first museum restaurant in the world and were intended as a showpiece of modern design, craftsmanship and manufacturing- cool, huh!

After our V&A excursion, we went over to Stratford for phase 2- Cinema, courtesy of Mark’s health insurance (he gets a free cinema ticket a week, which basically equates to half price cinema tickets for both of us). Bit of a wait until our film of choice started, so we took the opportunity to pop off to All Star Lanes for a drink. I am more than a bit of a fan of elderflower anything, so didn’t even have a booze-laden drink, opting instead for a virgin julep with apple and elderflower- sheer brilliant-ness.

Then the film- Captain America: the Winter Soldier. I rate it is second favourite in the Marvel cinematic universe films. My first favourite is Iron Man. Anyone who disagrees with this is wrong.

Final stop for the day was for more food. We had intended on going to the Cinnamon Club, which is a brilliant, posh Indian restaurant. In fact, we had reservations and everything, but our timings for the day went a bit wonky, so we ended up cancelling that and going to Ping Pong in Stratford, for dim sum. I rate this as good cocktails, but a tiny bit rushed- The food came out at the speed of lightening, and we ended up feeling obliged to keep throwing it down our necks to keep up/not let it go cold- We were in and out within 45 minutes!

All in all, a most satisfying, if slightly quiet anniversary



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