A week of stuff

This week has been a good one. After a good few months of obscene busy-ness at work, I’m finally making my way out of the woods, and I’m pleased to say, I’m feeling very contented. Here’s how the last week’s panned out

Thursday 27.03… Left the office half an hour late (better compared to some of my previous marathons!) Came in from work , made some dinner then commenced baking- A number one shaped cake and a handful of cupcakes. Then commenced decoration making (usually Mark’s job, but I had a bash this time!). Watched 4 episodes of Call the Midwife on the ipad, so I guess I must’ve been in the kitchen a while

Friday 28.03… 30 minutes late leaving work AGAIN! Took a quick spin round the shops- Ikea for dining table-based decision making (still haven’t bought one), followed by mothers day present shopping, followed by Gourmet Burger Kitchen. I’ve not had a Gourmet Burger for ages- You get free peanuts now… and free mayo. I like free stuff. Even better than my (bacon and smoked cheddar) burger, which was awesome in itself, was the elderflower fizz (with FREE REFILLS!). Seriously, I’d go back to GBK just to have that drink again, it was brilliant. Whipped back home, finished the cake off and rolled in to bed at 1am.

Saturday 29.03… Parkrun day. Picked up running buddy Han and yomped off to Valentines. An enjoyable run- blossom on the trees, ducks on the pond, that sort of thing, but I probably should have pushed myself a bit harder. Still, nonetheless, I was still pleased I’d got out of bed on a Saturday morning. Dropped my cake off, got my hair cut and hung out with ma, sis and niece and nephew for the rest of the day

Sunday 30.03… Clocks went forward, but I had to get up early to ice fondant fancies- a sample for  a wedding order I’m doing in a couple of weeks. Bit of a mix-up meant the bride didn’t show up. Bah! Chucked some stuff in a suitcase for my impending work trip to Manchester, and hightailed it round various mothers, mothers in law to shower with gifts and make tea, before departing at lightening speed for said Manchester trip. Checked in to my hotel room, dinner with the conference faculty, then beddington

Monday 31.03… Up early YET AGAIN! Left the hotel by 6.45 to get over to the conference centre to set up. Was too early for breakfast, but luckily managed to slope off to the conference centre restaurant for a fry-up after we’d put the badges out. Looong day- didn’t leave the conference til gone 7, and spent the evening partaking in a bit of room service, a long bath and an early night

Tuesday 01.04… Still in Manchester. Didn’t have to leave until the lofty hour of 7.15 today, so managed to get breakfast in the hotel. Pharell’s ‘Happy’ on the radio, and it made me feel happy indeed- My niece and neph have taken a liking to that one- It’s played on a constant loop and they both bob along and clap in the relevant parts, so that was a nice way to start my morning. Much later, post-conference, I walked in the door at home, popped to the supermarket for provisions and made a delicious steak-based dinner, followed by ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ (we’re working through the Bond films at the mo) and a lovely sleep in my own bed

Wednesday 02.04… Work work work, but actually left on time today (hooray!)- first time in about 4 weeks- then dinner with the mothership and my sis and her family. After they went home, I had a pleasant time eating malteasers with my mum, then went home and did some bookshelf arranging. The front room of doom (which we’ve been working on decorating since December) is sooo close to being finished, just in time for some Easter entertaining

And that brings us up to now!


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