Having a cold. Again

Although I’m usually a very well person and don’t get sick very often… Maybe a cold once or twice a year, something like that, this winter I can only come to the conclusion that my immune system must be entirely shot.  I don’t think I’ve gone more than the weeks without developing a cough, sore throat, bunged up nose… and as soon as the symptoms start to go, I get a couple of weeks respite… just, and then something reappears again.

It’s getting a bit boring now- I’ve spent the last three nights circulating between the sofa and bed, trying to find a position that doesn’t make me cough too much and I’m blooming knackered now. I was reading an article the other day that said that the average time that people think it’ll take to get rid of a cough is 5-7 days, when in reality It’s more like 3 weeks. So it looks like I have quite a lot more of this to put up with this time, and I don’t particularly want to have to go through this all again next  so I’m taking decisive action, via the medium of vitamins, minerals and random nutrients.  I’ve upped my fruit and veg intake from a pitiful 1-2 portions a day to a respectable 5-6 over the weekend and will be doing my darndest to make it carry on, my ma in law offered me this immune boasting tincture and somebody at work was banging on about a vitamin b12 spray so I may give that a go- can’t hurt! I’m not usually a fan of pills and potions but I’ve had enough of feeling under the weather. Begone damn cold!


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