Superbowl Sunday

Well that was a busy weekend! I took a day off on Friday to bake cupcakes for a wedding order and for my brother in law’s 30th birthday party.  Ended up working on the cakes from 9am to 8pm! If you ever think a hand made cake is expensive, maybe that’ll go some way to showing why that is- it’s not just ingredients and equipment, it takes a lot of time to put these things together too, and time is money, people!

After my epic day of caking we were up early on Saturday to make the delivery and then picked my nan up to whisk her off for a day at the theatre.  We will rock you is her musical of choice, and very good it was too. Saturday evening was my bro in law’s party, at which Mark and I both drank a few to many and Woke up on Sunday feeling a little delicate and more than a little sleepy.  Happily it was nothing that a turkey sandwich and half a litre of cherry come couldn’t sort out and I ended up having quite a productive afternoon, which was lucky because today was SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!

I don’t actually have any interest in American football per se, and as the coverage doesn’t even start until 10.30 in the evening in the uk, I knew I’d be more than tucked up in bed by the time it actually started, but my Superbowl interests are of a more culinary/gluttony persuasion, especially as it was Mark’s year to host the shebang for him and his friends.

A delectable feast was duly planned-
Chicken wings with blue cheese dip
Slow cooker pulled pork tacos with coleslaw and home made baked beans (the coleslaw and beans were made by one of our attendees, so no recipe here)
Hotdogs for half time and…
The Snackadium

We’d seen a few pictures of some epically huge versions of this, but decided to go for a more manageable version, made from a couple of disposable foil trays filled with dips and crisps, with the goals made from a chopped up pepperami held together with cocktail sticks:







The pulled pork was SO easy- a bit of chopping, 6 hours in a slow cooker, then take it out, shred it and mix it with barbeque sauce- Meltily delicious. Oh, and the fat came off in a big lump a the end of the cooking so I sprinkled it with salt, put it in the oven (gas mark 6!) and cooked it until it was crackling. You have to go back every 10 minutes or so and drain the fat off or the crackling doesn’t get crackly- seeing as that fat would have ended up in the bin otherwise, it made me feel very thrifty… And it was damn tasty!

The wings were a bit hot for me, and I think I should have crumbled up the blue cheese a bit smaller, but overall, it was a great success food-wise. And best of all, there’s leftover pulled pork sandwiches for lunch today!

(oh, and for clarity, I should say that Mark did actually do most of the cooking- I’m not some put upon pseudo-housewife who cooked a load of food for his friends and then went to bed- I just helped make the blue cheese dip… and the crackling!)


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