End of January overdraft update… and a German day day

Almost the end of the month, pay day had come and gone, and I am currently out of my overdraft.  Will likely be another skinty month or I’ll end up straight back in minus numbers but phew, I did it!

Didn’t end up spending much over the weekend-got my fancy dress outfit for Saturday’s surprise day out for a bargain price of £16, and the only money I spent all day was £3 on lunch on the way out and a tenner on a Chinese on the way home. There was a slightly hairy moment on Friday where I decided if pop into 24 hour tescos on the way home from a friends house, to pick up some face scrub and possibly some new leggings, but after a brief pause in the car park I turned around and drove out again.  Hooray for me!

So, total spend for the month = £120.30. Almost a tenner under what I was aiming at.  Yessss! Just need to make sure I don’t go backwards in February!  (Definitely need some face scrub though- my skin is grim!)

I shall leave you work a picture of myself in a polyester dirndl at Saturday’s day day (or tag tag if you speak german) and a record of other mad stuff from the day

Highlights included….
-Almost everyone getting dressed up in lederhosen
-An impressively themed house, with a proper bar in a tent in the back garden (which nearly blew away in the high winds) complete with steins, beer on tap, wood clad walls and pubs head trophies
-An oompah band…. Well, a very cut down oompah band-just the two, but apparently the full band played to 4000 people at the Alexandra Palace for their last gig- a bit different to 30 people in someone’s front room!
– Currywurst, saurkraut and stew… cos it’s not a German themed evening without a currywurst!






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