Losing the will a bit with the January Cure

Ah well, I knew it was going to happen- In fact, I pretty much predicted when I started this January Cure thing that I’d get bored somewhere around the 20th and yep, like clockwork, I’ve done barely a thing this week!

I had all the excellent intentions on Monday to start on what should have been project 7- Flowers, kitchen organising and cleaning and making a meal.

Unfortunately, it was meant to be a project to take place over a weekend, so after junking the flowers (sorry Apartment Therapy, as much as I love flowers, they’re at odds with my austerity drive!), I did make dinner, because well, you have to have dinner (probably not quite what they had in mind- I think it was more meant to be a relaxing process of cooking with a glass of wine in hand, and some kind of candle light and napkins affair for the actual eating- It ended up being me getting in from work late, chopping some veg, chucking things in the oven to get hot, and slumping on the sofa with the plate), and I did start with the kitchen organising.

Being Monday, rather than spending the whole day reorganising the spice cupboard, I decided I was going to have to take a little and often approach, so I cleared out the two junk drawers while my dinner was cooking, and started off a very pleasing organisation system, using plastic takeaway containers, so my junk drawers are now thoroughly organised. The intention was that I would carry on doing a bit every night but I’ve not quite made it yet.

I also intended on working more on the front room decorating, and on sifting through old photos ready for framing, but aside from scraping some paint off of the windows, I’ve not really done that either. In my defence, I did go to Bruges on Wednesday (no dreamy photos, unfortunately- it drizzled, and I did nothing all day except look at conference centres and hotels for an event that I’m going to be organising next year), which meant leaving the house at 5am and not returning until 10pm, so no time for tidying there. Consequently, I’m now mid-way through three projects, and have a lot piling up in front of me. I’m pretty sure this cure was about getting organised, rather than ending up with loads of half-finished stuff, so I’m going to actually plough on like a good girl, because in spite of still feeling that I’m not cut out domestic godessness, I do really like the idea of a finished front room and an organised kitchen!

So, on the bad side- Cures completed- 5. Cures partially completed- 2. Cures still outstanding- 8

Scanning down the list, there’s quite a few bits I can cross off-
8- Organise a get together- Yes. We have a get together in the pipeline- Its for the superbowl. Admittedly, I will likely go to bed and not stay up for the superbowl, because American Football is poo, but there will be boys coming over and they will want feeding, thus I shall count this as my get together. Mark and our man friends do it every year and rotate around each others houses, so this year it’s our turn (his turn).  So cure 8- DONE!

9- Create a landing strip- Weirdly, I read about these last week (I read a lot of random home improvement blogs, because I like living vicariously), and here they are again. A landing strip is basically a stupid name for the place that you put your coat and bag and keys and stuff when you come in the front door. We actually already have a little table with a wire box thing for keys and post, and my handbag lives below that. What I’d really like is some coat hooks and a luggage rack- like something you’d have gotten on a train, so I’m definitely going to seek that out- Functional and fashionable- what more could you need, eh! Cure 9- partially done

10- Try a media fast. I actually really think I could benefit from this- an evening away from the internet. It’s one of my main horrible habits- whiling away time aimlessly surfing the internet, usually while watching TV, and so not really concentrating on either properly. So I’m definitely going to put a day in to do that- ooh, maybe tomorrow night. Cure 10- not quite yet

11- Put some effort into your goal project- Ooh ooh- I’m doing this already! Yay- I think I can tick that off the list- have done loads of stuff to complete our front room decorating project. In fact, I ordered the floor on Tuesday, so that’s going to arrive next week. Yessss. Cure 11- Done

A quick glance at the other cures, and there’s nothing that I can claim to have started on, even by accident, so for now I will sign off with a reasonably successful:

Projects completed- 7
Projects partially completed- 3
Projects to go- 6

Ha- so right back to where I started then- 6 to go!


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