Fiscal fast- 7 days til payday

7 days til pay day, and I’ve not set foot in a pub, restaurant, or shop where I’ve had to spend money from my own account- none too shabby. Admittedly, I have bought things to take round to people’s houses and the like, but my spends for this month aren’t looking too bad.

So, this weekend, on Friday I bought a couple of bottles of wine, and paid for a bit of Mark’s curry- about £12 ish. I didn’t keep exact track of this one as I cleared out an old purse and rather than paying for the wine with ‘proper money’, I instead flung handfuls of change into the self serve checkout in Tescos, and only had to put about a fiver of my own ‘proper’ money in after the coppers and 5p’s had been dispensed of!

On Saturday, I bought lunch to take round to my mum’s- nothing ritzy- a couple of french sticks and some pate and cheese- £6.15 in total. In recompense for buying lunch, my sister bought me a chocolate crepe when we took the kids to the park, and that evening Mark paid for my cinema ticket in return for paying for part of his curry on Friday night.

Grand total for the weekend- around £18.15

Grand total for the month so far- £91.13

I allocated myself £130 at the start of the month to pay for random outgoings, so all in all, I’m not doing too bad- And happily (sort of) the meal I was meant to be going out for this week has been postponed, so a few more squids saved there- the only thing I have left to pay for before Monday (PAYDAY!) is a mystery day out that my friend Una is organising- I know nothing apart from that there is a fancy dress element, so I’ll have to trawl ebay for a costume- I think the rest of this month’s spends will be going on the mystery day out

And on the plus side, you’ll be pleased (I’m sure- root for me, damn you!) to know that I have halved my overdraft this month, using a combination of not going out much, raiding my penny jar and old purses and baking some cakes. One more month like this and I should be home and dry- Hooray!


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