Busy busy busy- cuuuuure 6… And a bit of 5

Continuing on the apartment therapy January Cure (very surprised im still doing it and havent gotten bored and slacked off!) and Ive started on challenge 6 – preparing artwork for framing. Before we’d even bought our house I had this idea in my head to put loads and loads of photos up the stairs. I actually hung onto this idea until about a week and a half ago when I realised theres not actually a huge amount of wall space going up the stairs, so Ive moved my plans to a huge expanse of wall in the front room that needs something on it!

I have years and years worth of photos- you can tell this is a project Ive had in my mind for an absolute age, so its nice to sort of be forced into action! So today, I started on the first phase, and poked through a load of old photos to start narrowing it down. Its more than a day’s worth of sorting out due to the sheer volume of photos Ive taken over the years, so I’ll be carrying on through the week.

As well as cracking on with cure 6, we also spent a lot of Sunday working on my now designated ‘cure 5’- namely to finish off decorang the front room. Quite a few things ticked off the list- the window frames are painted, mark’s putting the blinds up, and Ive pinned the curtains ready to be taken up. Quite a lot of work still to go, not least that a massive bookcase thats going to go as a kind of divider between the living room and dining room arrived in the week, but as we’ve not got a floor down, we’ve just had to leave the boxes cluttering up the hallway for the time being… But progress is being made and for that im pleased!

Still, im going to be moving on to the other cures, even though Ive not really finished these ones, so cures sort of completed, 6, cures to go 6


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