January cure part 5 again. Need to read more carefully

So I went back and read the instructions for the last part of the apartment therapy January cure again.  You may remember that I was all pleased for ticking off cleaning my mogey bedroom mirror on Wednesday.  Well, I say clean, I felt like I could tick it off of my list after a brief rub with some white vinegar that didn’t really seem to do anything but at least I’d tried. Sigh.

Anyway, I happened to be reading the cure posts again and realised that the idea wasnt to pick the tiniest job on the list so you could get back to watching tv, it was actually to make a project plan to tick something of the list that will make a real difference.  Oops. Not to be deterred, I’ve made my plan.  The task- not just one thing, is to finish off the front room which in turn will mean the spare bedroom might get back to normal as all the front room stuff will be back where it belongs.

Before Christmas and in the lead up to new year, we made a major start in this room-we painted, put up wallpaper, bought new curtains and installed a new fireplace, finishing just in time to have friends over for new year.  Since then, well, we’ve done nothing- we have bookshelves that can’t be put up until the floor is down, blinds that can’t be put up until the window frames are finished, curtains that are too long, a couple of missing bits of skirting board plus a load of other little projects to finish.

But it’s ok, I have a plan. It’s written in my green ‘organising things’ pad, so it shall be done!


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