Thursday apparently- in the need for speed

Yet again the week is whipping on apace, but it’s been pretty productive and so I am smiling.

I did a cake order for work, so that’s some extra money in the piggy bank, on the actual, non cake work front, I’ve done LOADS this week, I’ve booked in another cake order for the end of the month- a wedding cake for the brother of a friend, the bathroom is clean for the first time in ages, thanks to this cool 20 minutes cleaning plan I found- if I manage to keep it up, I’ll share it- and I found time to go for a run on Tuesday

The temperature had definitely dropped, so I was happy for my gloves and head band on the run (although I did take the gloves off for the last ten minutes).  We set off for 25 minutes this time- granted, it took me 35 minutes to do park run last Saturday, so I knew I could go for longer, but I had decided to start my training a bit from scratch again to build up to longer runs a bit more slowly.

Slow it was when we started, but happily we sped up each km without even really trying, and still had enough in the tank for an even faster finish, so that felt pretty good.

In a bid to save money, I limited my horse riding lessons to two this month, and so found myself at a loose end this evening, which meant for the first time I ages, I’ve done two training runs in a week.  Doesn’t sound like much, but I’m a busy lady most evenings and don’t like getting up early so generally only manage to fit one in. 

Not wanting to just go or for another longish slowish run-I’m keeping those for the start of the week- I opted for a speedier session instead.  My fitness levels are still pretty woeful, so I decided to do a 5 minute warm up, 2 minutes fast (my speedy thing said I got up to 5 minute kilometres at one point!) Followed by 2 minutes slow, another two fast and then 5 minutes cool down.  All a great success until the cool down when it started throwing it down so I admitted defeat and mooched home.

The speeds looked a bit disappointing-i only managed to get up to 6 minutes 40 for my second km, and i run faster than that at park run, but I reason that is because of my fast  bits being pretty nippy for me, my slow bits were very slow indeed! The proof in this pudding will be if it gets easier next time, otherwise I think I’m doing something wrong!


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