Apartment therapy January cure part 5

Getting a wee bit behind now!  The assignments are up to 10, making me 5 behind.  Agh!

Anyhow, assignment 5 involved picking a task off of ‘the list’. As I wanted to get a cure done today, but also wanted to do my tax return, ring edf, dust the bedrooms and do some ironing, I copped or and went for the simplest task on the list-to clean the mirrored stuff on my dressing table.

Ive a mirror and a tray. The tray is a bit smeary, the mirror is covered with these weird dots. I dust them and feel a bit sad that theyre not clean, so I decided to take the vinegar to both to see if they looked any better. Great success on the tray, it came up a treat, but the mirror still looks a bit spotty.

I can’t think what else to do to clean it, (I had a go with soap and a scourer too but nothing) so I’m taking the cop out excuse of just leaving it be.  I could bin it, but I like that mirror and what are a few strange spots between friends? And after taking a little snap, I realised you can’t even see them anyway which means I’ve basically been bugged by something that nobody else would even notice. In the words of someone sensible, why sweat the small stuff? Why indeed


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