Apartment therapy January cure challenge 3

imageProof that I bought my flowers and completed challenge 2! With hands dusted off from the success of the second January cure challenge, which didn’t appear to be too onerous, I got going on number 3-a moment of quiet to sit in a room that you’re not convinced is working and have a think about the way forward.

I decided to sit in the back bedroom, which is currently filled with random furniture, stuff from the front room from our decorating exploits that we don’t want to put back again until we get the floor laid, the detritus of everyday life and things that have never quite found a home.

I’m doing this cure at a distance- rather than sitting in the room and being reflective for 10 minutes, I spent an extra 10 minutes in bed and am now having a think on the train to work. Regardless, I know that once we finish decorating downstairs and move the dvds back, this room, which ostensibly is our guest bedroom, will be ripe for a good old sort our and a careful look at some of the pointless furniture- 2 empty cd racks for example and perhaps a rejig of what we have there.

When we moved in, the old owners left us a load of furniture, which at the time seemed a bit of a pain, but in retrospect has worked out quite well- the double bed in the back bedroom being one such thing.  Useful, however, doesn’t necessarily mean I like it- it’s that sort of orangey pine stuff and I’ve been threatening to paint it since we moved in.  Perhaps I might finally get round to it!


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