Apartment therapy cure- challenge 4

Challenge 4 was a pretty easy one- set up an out box.

Basically, just an area of your home- a cupboard or wardrobe is suggested- that you use as a space to put things in when you’re not sure if you want to keep them or junk them, as a way of busting clutter. Things stay in the out box for a week, when you get everything out and decide whether you want to keep, recycle or bin- or if you can’t decide, you just leave it for another week until you’re ready to make a decision.

I’m not particularly cluttery- I do have ‘stuff’- pointless ornaments, picture frames, and general tat that I keep hold of, but I generally keep hold of the stuff because I like it (at least, I think I do- perhaps when I start looking at what I have, I might realise I hate all of it!) but as well as ‘stuff’, I do like to keep practical things as a ‘just in case’ – which is why I have stacks of bed sheets, towels, crockery and that sort of jazz, which I think the out box might help with.

Happily, this is also an easy challenge to complete, as you don’t have to actually put anything in the out box, just decide where you want it! Given the fact that the back bedroom, as previously discussed, is a bit of a stuff magnet at the moment, that will probably be the best bet- I can make a stack at the side of the bed until I get round to moving the furniture around so I can designate a proper area.

Cure progress: 7 challenges posted so far- 4 complete!


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