January cure assignment 2 and the first parkrun of 2014

ParkRun 10 (woo- double figures and everything!)- 34:50

Saturday dawned, and at the reasonably unsociable time of 7 o clock, my alarm went off and I eventually struggled downstairs in the dawn-gloom for a slice of toast. Oh yes, after a ridiculous 8 weeks off, I was going back to parkrun!

I decided that with only one training run under my belt since November, I’d take it slowly, so apart from the odd bit of speeding up in the downhill sections, I pootled round at a slow but steady pace. Han and Paul were there too- Paul’s fast, so we didnt see him for dust, but Han is around the same speed as me, so I kept her in my sights, managed to sloooowly get past her, only for her to sail past at the last 200 yards and pip me at the post- must work harder on finishing strong, rather than dribbling over the line. I came in at 34:50, which is fine- a few minutes slower than last years best, but something to build on now I’m back in the swing of it.

Home, shower, and it was time for the Apartment therapy January Cure assignment two: Flowers and Floors– three parts to this one- hoover and mop (if need be) all the floors, buy some flowers, and buy new cleaning supplies. In reverse, I have enough cleaning supplies to look after a stately home for several years, so Im not even going to bother to check the cupboard, I will buy some flowers at the supermarket, which Ive not done in ages- I do love having fresh flowers on the table, so in the interests of following the cure, I shall oblige wholeheartedly! Floors- well, the hoovering is Marks’s domain, so he’s doing that at the mo, and i have swept and mopped the kitchen and mopped the bathroom (which i don’t think ive actually done in over a year- Its a bathroom, surely all the water from the shower keeps it clean) in an obedient fashion, so mission accomplished.

The next challange came in yesterday, by the way, so im still 6 behind- need to pick up the pace, but not now- now Im going to eat a post-run cheese toastie


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