Apartment Therapy January Cure

I’m a bit of a fan of the website thekitchn.com for all things food and kitchens, and entertaining, and basically lusting after a life I will probably never bother to create for myself. I was sneakily mooching around today, catching up on the posts, while I should have been proof reading stuff for the website at work, and happened across a post to something that caught my eye on their sister site apartmenttherapy. I don’t often venture onto apartmenttherapy as it’s a bit America-centric, and it’s a bit boring looking at houses that don’t resemble yours in any way shape or form, but occasionally I dabble, and I quite liked the idea of this post- Every so often, apartment therapy does a month’s ‘cure’. I think the last one was for readers to commit to decorating a room, or something of that ilk.

The January Cure is described thus:

“Do you want 2014 to be your best year so far? We believe that when your home is under control, fresh, clean and organized, good things happen throughout your life”

Err, yes please, sign me up- do you send in a PA, cleaner, team of decorators and perhaps some faries to achieve this?? It turns out that no, that’s not what happens- You get an email every week day with a task to do- It’s going to be sort of like being at school, but I like the idea of good things happening throughout my life through the medium of tidying, so I’m prepared to give it a go, even though, as I have iterated on more than one occasion, I am inherently lazy and would rather watch cartoons.

I’ve signed up now (if you want to play along, you can do so too here) but what with it being 10th January and the cure starting on 2nd, I have a bit of catching up to do. So, join me on my good things journey, which will likely be aborted when I get bored somewhere around 20th January.

10th January- Assignments still outstanding- 6

A bit of catching up to do- I have found out that assignment 1 is to create a project list. Easy peasy- I love a list.

OK, the first thing I am advised to do is note down, in each room of my house, a list of problems or improvements to make and then narrow it down to three to five things in each room. I could have included a load of decorating work, as we’ve only really just started on doing our house up, but unless it’s a smallish job, I’ve left decorating out for the time being.

Then, you write a solution for each thing (which are below alongside the list in red)

Main bedroom
*Drawers, wardrobe and shelves are a big old mess- Tidy, organise and take a trip to the charity shop/clothes bank
*I really don’t like the bit of wallpaper we’ve got in the frame at the end of the bed- Hunt out alternative wallpaper, or if doesn’t cost many pennies, a cool film poster or something
*I spilled tea on basically all of our duvet covers– Pretty sure bleach is my friend for this one
*The curtains don’t really stay on the rail-May have to admit defeat and get a new rail-that one’s been crap since day one
*Cool mirrored dressing table set never seems to look clean-A little more than a dust will be needed- Get out the white vinegar and other cleaning tools

*There is crap EVERYWHERE! This room is a bit of a dumping ground for paperwork, clothes, wrapping paper and random things that have no home-Take some time to reorganise the room
*The lock on the window doesn’t really work properly-Order different locks
*No lamp shade, just a bare, swinging bulb- Look for a lampshade

Back bedroom
Sensing a theme here- is another dumping ground for stuff- not as bad as the study- it currently contains all the DVDs and books that we moved out of the front room while we decorated that we’ve not moved back to their rightful home- This will come good when the front room floor is down, and we can put things back in the cupboards
*Again, the damn window lock doesn’t work- Order new lock, duh
*There’s quite a lot of furniture that’s sort of ended up in there- too nice to throw away, but we don’t have a home for all of it-Decide what we actually can use and freecycle the rest
*Really grim yellow curtains that don’t actually match anything in the room-There’s been a purple pair in a box on the floor for ages- try those!

*The toilet flushes, but takes what feels like several weeks to fill up again-Fit the plumbing part that you bought, like three weeks ago
*Cupboards are in woeful need of a re-arrange-Take everything out and rearrange those bad boys

Two sorrowful bare lightbulbs but apart from major decoration work, not much else- none too shabby-So buy some lampshades, or better still, treat the front room to new ones and move the generic front room ones into the hall

Front room/dining room
Stupidly long curtains at the front windows-Take them up, take them down and sew them up
*An unfinished bit of wall that we forgot to paint- Delegate to Mark- that’s fiddly work!
*Skirting board around the fireplace is missing-Again, delegate to Mark- we have all the stuff, just need to do it
*Fan lights and patio doors need their final coat of paint, and the splashes scraped off of the glass-Wait for a dry weekend and go for it
*We have no floor! (well, obviously we have floorboards, but just nothing that you’d actually want to walk on for any length of time)– Seriously look at floors, order and find out about underlay and stuff
*The dining chairs are mismatched in a non-charming way, and the seat covers are a bit mank-Find material and recover the chairs

*The fifth ring on the gas stove doesn’t work properly- Might just need a bit of WD40 to stop the ignition from clicking, but don’t think could do much more than that without a gas repair man
*The sink is really dirty- its mainly paint- take some whitespirit to that bad boy
*The wallpaper is variously hanging off or dirty- look into the possibility of painting the little bits of wall that there are on show
*The lino never looks clean no matter how much it’s mopped-surely new lino can’t cost that much- go have a look for some

Room at the end of the garden
Is increasingly becoming a stuff magnet-seriously sort all the stuff down there
*Has weird mould stuff coming out of the floor-just needs a bleach and a mop
*Has horrible light fittings-these need changing- look for new light fittings
*Has bare patches of plaster where we couldn’t be bothered to paint-we have the paint- get down there and paint!
*Was meant to have a separate ‘gym area’ but actually just has a running machine and weights bench hidden behind an unattractive wardrobe- There were grand plans to put a board on the back of the wardrobes to paint to match the rest of the room- do iiiit!

Right, that’s it- Step one done! Only five steps behind schedule now- Think I might go look at step 2



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