Thursday poverty update

Nearly the end of the week, and so far, I have spend precisely 0p- Hooray for me!

I have also identified another moneyspending pitfall- Fear of Missing Out.

I really thought I was a bit too old to have this, these days- there was a time when I’d be out literally every single night of the week- if I was asked, I would go, and over time I came to appreciate the value of a nice night in and started turning things down. Over even more time, my friends stopped going out quite so much too, so now it feels like if there’s an opportunity to get together, you kind of have to seize it, because you don’t know when you might get the chance again, because of various work schedules, people moving to the other side of London, babies, that sort of thing.

Consequently, this week, I’ve been invited out for dinner with some lady friends, and away for a weekend towards the end of the year with the wives and girlfriends from Mark’s rugby club. I’ve said yes to both and now think hmm- probably shouldn’t have done that. Admittedly the girls weekend isn’t until October, so there’ll be plenty of time to plan for that, but it’ll be a fair wedge of dough. The meal, I was half in a mind to pull out of, but I’ve decided to go and to not drink, and float the idea of only paying for what we’ve bought, rather than splitting the bill- Sure that’ll be fine, but I must remember that the default response to ‘shall we go out?’ is not ‘I’ll get my diary’!


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