1st run of the year

Exciting times indeed as yesterday, as the title may suggest, was indeed the first run of the year.

Embarrassingly, what with Christmas and work being busy, my tracker tools me that my last run was almost 6 weeks ago, at the back end of November. Happily though, spurred by the addition of some brand spanking new running gear, me and Mark took to the pavements (after a brief stop to try and work or what the hell kept tripping out the electrics in the house (turned out to be the new kettle. Disappointing).

As Id not been out in so long, we decided to go for 20 minutes at a pretty slow pace, and it felt great to be getting back to it-so much so that we even went for a cheeky sprint finish for the last hundred yards or so.

‘But what about the new gear?’ I hear you cry….
-2 new tshirts-one purple one black, made of climalite stuff-I already have one in pink so know they’re comfy.  I tried out the black one and will be saving the people for my triumphant return to park run on Saturday.
-ankle socks- with breathable holes, so I think they’re more of a summer thing.  Felt a bit big when I put them on, but they didn’t slip down, so I count that as a win
-Nike headband.  I suffer from headaches if my ears get cold and the headband definitely helped to keep everything toasty but not too hot thanks to it being headband rather than hat
-Gloves- a very tight fit to get on (perhaps I have wide palms or something, but fitted really well when they were on. A few problems in that I couldn’t work the touch screen on my phone, so couldn’t keep track of the time, and when my uncooperative shoe lace came undone, I struggled to do it back up again through the glove.  And my hands were so hot after 15 minutes that I had to take them off. Still, it was relatively mild last night so probably not glove weather so I think they’ll be good for the real depths of winter, if im running with Mark, who can hold the phone!


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