Kaloo kallay, another day with no money spent… Not really too difficult, if truth be told- I go through plenty of days in the week where I don’t spend a bean, thanks to bringing a packed lunch to work, then going straight home to do some quality loafing, and it got me to thinking that while yep, grand, a few months of spending literally no pennies at all will get me out of a hole for the time being, i really need to look at the bigger picture of why Ive ended up tapping on the wrong end of my overdraft pretty much every year since I left uni!

A friend put up a link to an article that rang true- … I do do silly things like go out, drink too much, eat double dinners, and then double takeaways the next day, like Im still at uni; buy clothes (and now I have a house to do up, homewear) that I dont really need, but I just nee-eeeed;  spend basically every single penny I have for no particular reason, when I really should be putting a few quid away as a just in case. Still, I have started to embrace sensibility in that I will be paying into my pension this month- Ive been threatening to do it for 18 months now, so thats a positive step although its actually going to make me more skint. Ah.

So whats the plan? Right, well the plan is… Eerrrm…Ok, basically, i think the plan is to be more organised- I don’t very often buy lunch at work unless Ive been too lazy to make it in the morning, or I’ve not bothered to go to the supermarket so literally don’t have food in. I am pretty good at using up christmas smellies sets and that sort of stuff, but I don’t ever know what I have- I have three of the exact same lipstick because I couldn’t find the one I wanted when I wanted it. I go to the library, rather than buying books, but then forget to take them back and have to pay the fines.

Part two of the plan is to know my weak points- namely these are a need to have a new outfit for special occasions- that little need has to go… I’ll have to use what I have, or look in chazza shops- Im not adverse to a bit of charity shopping. I also know I love a magazine- it always seems like a lovely little affordable treat, but not when you buy them as often as I do unfortunately,and theres a wealth of random crap online to keep me amused.

So thats a start… Not much, but its a start


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