Sunday blues

Half past four on a sunday and I am feeling well and truly unbothered. After a family-centric weekend (with auntie, uncle and cousins coming to visit from Gloucestershire, for what has been temed Chrstmas part two), I am wrapped in a blanket on the sofa, where I have been since 1 o clock when i got back from my mums.

So, a weekend roundup- friday, i went to ma’s, picking up takeaway Nandos on the way, then got a reasonably early night as everyone was knackered from the car journey from the forest.

Saturday, tidied round, went to the supermarket then spent the rest of the day assisting in the preparation of an epic roast dinner for 18 people. Roast eaten, opened some presents, played a little mariokart on the wii and chilled with the rellies. We’d decided to stay at my mums to make things simple, but hadn’t banked on having to share a room with my small niece (sis and hubby took off home for a proper nights sleep). Lyla’s not too much work, but the combination of an unfamiliar bed, colds for me and Mark and an additional, occasionally noisy presence in the room meant that neither of us had a brilliant nights kip.

Sunday- Lyla happily stayed asleep until 8, so the start wasnt too early. Showers, sausage sandwiches and then it was off to nans to see off the Gloucestershire contingent. I have been fully intending on doing something… anything… since i got in, but instead have plumped for a small nap, old episodes of call the midwife and internet surfing. If I take the washing out of the machine, I think thats about as productive as Im going to get- best save my energy for work tomorrow, methinks

Oh and a fiscal fast update- I did end up paying for my takeaway… and marks! Not to worked because these things come around eventually, but the months spends so far amount to around £16. Oops. 21 days till pay day


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