A fiscal fast

It looks like, once again, I’ve gotten myself into an overdraft-based pickle-just before Christmas, I realised to my horror that i had almost hit my not insubstantial limit. I got through to pay day without going over but it made me realise that enough was enough. Good old hubby has said I can put a bit less into the joint account for the bills for the next month or two and in return, I am going on a fiscal fast until the OD is gone.

There’s one or two things that I’ll need to pay, namely my phone bill and an interest free credit thing for a watch I bought Mark when we got married, which finishes in April. Horse riding lessons are ridiculously pricey and I’ve not been every week for ages, but I don’t want to give up entirely so I’m dropping down to twice a month, so that’s a total of about £130 for all those bits. I’ve already got a couple of things in the diary that I’m going to do still, so I’m allocating another £50 to that, and aside from that, I’m putting £30 in my purse and that will be that until pay day on the 27th. Wish me luck

Updated to add… yeah, well seeing as it’s 3rd January and all, I’ll just do a brief recording of how I’m doing:

-1st January- Didn’t leave the house- No way to spend money, stayed studiously away from internet shopping, and cancelled my netflix subscription

-2nd January- Back to work- just 89p for milk which I can claim back, so I won’t count and £25 for horse riding, which I’d already budgetted for (see above)

-3rd January- Well, it’s only 12:53, so I’ve managed to curb it so far- there was a hairy moment this morning when I really wanted a banana but had to make do without. My auntie, uncle and cousins are over from Gloucestershire this weekend though, for ‘Christmas PART 2’ and I’m going to my nan’s for a take away, so the likelihood is that I’ll have to spend some money on dinner, unless I can persuade a relative to take pity on me… or just pretend I’m not hungry. Anyway, so far so good

Total spends so far- £25.00


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