A reasonably successful start to the year

The 2nd January.  The day everyone knows resolutions really start-no point in trying to start a health kick or ticking off a load of stuff on your to do list when you’re hung over, lazy and craving carbs, right? So today is my unofficial official first day of the year, which means 2014 has started in pretty  unspectacular fashion- I dragged myself out of bed, made it to the office just in the nick of time, had a lunch that involved left over ham and am now on the way home to put washing in the tumble drier and go for a riding lesson. Followed by ham egg and chips (we have a LOT of left over ham) and last night’s sherlock, which I was too tired to watch yesterday.  Cracking.

Still, now it’s time to take a journey back over my Christmas…. (cue strobe lights and dry ice)

Saturday 21st- packed up all the stuff in the front room and started prepping for a monster pre-Christmas decorating push. Very little visible progress made. We filled a lot of holes and Mark took up most of the floor looking for the source of a plug socket so we could remove it.  Didn’t find it…

A before shot.

Sunday 22nd- more decorating and still very little progress. The walls were still a grim pink colour but the dark window frames were undercoated so that was minor progress. We rounded off our progress by going to the pub for family drinks. A good time was had by all

Monday 23rd- last day in the office.  Did very little apart from drink wine and chat.  Here is a picture of the tiniest Christmas tree in the world.  A supplier sent it.

After work I had a last minute mercy dash round Westfield, then wrapped things and drove round various relatives depositing cards as I’m to tight to buy stamps. Also made a chocolate log for a friend which Mark had to salvage because it looked like a massive poo

Christmas Eve- Mark was still in the office, so I got to decorate cakes, tidy the house, pack up the presents and then went to my mum’s to assist with peeling a million potatoes.  I then partook in the traditional Christmas Eve of mince pies at the parents of an old school friend (you would have thought that over 10 years after leaving school, we might have mince pies at my friends actual house, but tradition dictates that 15 of us must descend on aforementioned house, eat a lot of mince pies and sing saviours day 10 times before going to the pub, where we area traditionally disgruntled at how busy it is).  Then we go for a curry. Over time, the amount of booze consumed has thankfully decreased-I’ve ruined more than one Christmas day thanks to the Christmas Eve curry

Christmas day- is traditionally planned with military precision.  This year, alarm was set for half 7, breakfast at my sisters at 9, presents at the in laws at 11, over to my mum’s for 1 for more presents and lunch, then mark’s nans from 5 for tea and games.  I won about £2 in 2ps playing Newmarket.  My purse still won’t close

Boxing day- stayed at the in laws. Finally got a lay in, then helped cook copious amounts of party food.  Ate quite a lot, then back to my mum’s for cold meat, pickle and bubble and squeak.  More games, then an epic family sing song that culminated in the full version of American pie, thanks to my little bro and his guitar

Friday 27th- you guessed it, more decorating. Made visible progress today with the paint going on the walls. I took myself off to the pub for the evening with my mum to watch one of her work friends and his band

Saturday 28th- mark’s dad came round with a big old chisel and hacked out a load of concrete so we could put our new spangly fireplace in. Then went for a curry with the inlaws

Sunday 29th- more decorating… end nearly in sight.  Had a row over wallpapering. Fireplace in…

Monday 30th-mark at work again, so I went to lakeside.  My nephew ate peas.  A historic day

I then got stuck coming out of the car park. 90 minutes of not moving in a queue and I admitted defeat and went back in for more shopping.  Didn’t get home till gone 9!

New Years Eve- hit lakeside again for cushions and curtains and things, the decorating now being almost finished.  Baked a massive ham, and Han and Paul came over to eat said ham, bringing with them jerk chicken and cheese.  We were just expecting it to be the four of us, but had unexpected guests in the form of Brown and Gary (who we weren’t expecting due to one having an ill fiance and one having a very very pregnant wife- Both ended up in bed by 9 and send their respective other halves round to us!). Played trivial pursuit, forgot the words to Auld Lang Syne, did oops up side your head, drank copious amounts of everything and rounded things off by singing little shop of horrors songs at 3am ( sorry neighbours!)

New Years Day-while not a total write off, because we saw our parents and hung the curtains, was not my most productive of days, but rounds things off to today, where I will leave you work a picture of an almost finished front room.  Hooray!


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