Cake, sweet stuff and festivities

Christmas Countdown- 6 days to go

Festive things done:
-Cards written-Tree up (additional decorations bought but hanging out in a box on the floor of the front room)
-Presents wrapped

Still to go:
-Make mince pies and sausage rolls
-Buy rest of the presents
-Deliver the cards that are nearby
-Ice cake and make chocolate log (for a friend!)
-Go out for festive drinks with my extended family. It’s not actually my family- my mum and dad’s mates, actually- all us children have grown up together, so we’re the equivilent of non-official cousins, I suppose- and we’ve been doing a christmas meal/drinks for the last 20-odd years on the last Sunday before Christmas- Once it happens it really does make me feel infinitely more festive!

Mark is honkingly hung over from his work christmas do yesterday (got a text from him about 4am to say he was staying on a colleague’s sofa in Islington) so dragging him around the shops tonight for the rest of the presents is going to be quite hideous, me thinks

I’m almost cold recovered, I’m pleased to say- but apart from the wedding on Friday, I stayed in the whole weekend. There was quite a lot of cake shenanigans ongoing- A wedding cake, a birthday cake, some cupcakes, and then afternoon tea on Monday- A couple of pictures…

Can’t find any wedding cake pics for some reason- they must be on the big camera, but still, that’s two out of three! I think my new years resolution will be to take better pictures, because these look a bit poo, quite frankly!!

For those that are interested, afternoon tea was partaken in at the Royal Park Hotel. It was a really nice thing to do, but if I’m entirely honest, a wee bit disappointing. The hotel was lovely, tiny and a bit historic- feeling, but the dining room was really empty, and un-atmospheric (they could have done with lighting the fire I think) and the food was a touch on the sad side. The scones tasted odd drenched in icing sugar, the sandwiches were a bit hard and the cakes were a touch over-cooked. I guess because I do a lot of baking, I just felt like I could have done better myself, but still, me and Mark had a nice afternoon out, so food aside, we still had fun.


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