Holidays are comin’, holidays are comin’

Now, at risk of sounding like a broken record, oh yes, I have another cold. It seems like I’ve devoted a fair amount of whingey blog posts over the last few months to runny noses and sore throats, but this is the BIG ONE! I’m hoping this’ll be my only big cold of the year, because I’ve already used three toilet rolls blowing my nose, Mark’s had to take to sleeping in the spare room and I’ve lost my voice, which is just very very irritating. Happily though, aside from the symptoms, I don’t feel quite at deaths’ door yet, so its life as usual for me. Aside from taking one day off work to recouperate, it’s been a whirlwind I tells you

On Saturday, I went with friends to the South Bank to battle through the christmas market and drink mulled cider. This was followed with pub and dinner at the awesome Dishoom- highly recommended- It’s flagged as being bombay street food- a bit different to your bog standard Indian restaurant and all the better for being so. I had a chicken ruby, roti, paneer tikka and a pistachio kulfi to round things off.

imageWe put the tree up on Sunday. Wasintending on decorating the front room (ie painting and stuff) first, but that was blatantly not going to happen, so we put our new tree up in lieu of doing proper work. Bloody tree might have been a bargain, but it took about 45 minutes to assemble- there must have been about 80 (colour coded) branches to slot in to 6 different pieces of base. And it’s not even that big! Here is a picture of Mark looking confused at the millions of branches.

I think all the presents from Amazon have been delivered now, so I just need to take a last (hopefully) trip to Lakeside tonight with the mothership to finish off, then a wee bit of wrapping and I can dust my hands there.

Main thing that’s filling my days now, actually, is cake- We’ve a wedding cake for Friday (we’re going to the wedding), a birthday cake on Sunday (which I’m going to have to try and create in between hangovers) and cupcakes on Tuesday. That’s got to fit in around the aforementioned wedding, christmas drinks on Saturday (have been told just to bring drinks, but I feel bad leaving all the food to the hostess, who is apparently skint and stressed, so I’m going to do some sausage rolls and mince pies), and on Monday, me and Mark are taking ourselves off for a little afternoon tea at a hotel in London- rather excited

All in all, I’m pleased that I’ve gotten my present shopping pretty much licked and got the house reasonably ship-shape. In the past I’ve been very much a ‘panic on the 23rd December’ kind of a person, but I certainly won’t be doing that again unless I can help it! Just the small matter of cards to write, an outfit to find for the wedding, and several cakes to bake and I may just about make it out of the other side of this week!


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