Disappearing Act

I’m back from outer space… or Dublin, if you’d prefer- That’s where I’ve really been.

At work, we have a winter conference which is basically the busiest week of my year. The lead up to it is the second busiest, so I’ve been doing little else apart from eating, sleeping and working, so thought it was time for a little life-based update- Here are 8 things I’ve done since my last post. It was going to be 10, but apparently I’m just not that interesting

1- Went to Dublin and barely saw any of it. Perils of the conference manager, unfortunately- You get to go to a lot of cool places, but I saw very little apart from the airport, the conference centre and my hotel. I did get to go to our gala dinner at the Guinness Storehouse though- that was pretty fun- Excellent views over Dublin, and I pulled a dop dollar pint of Guinness.

2- Became an Irish holiday cliche- Went to Dublin not liking Guinness, came back from Dublin liking Guinness- It is my current drink of choice.

3- Beat my ParkRun PB again- Hoorah! While I think the possibility of getting a sub-30 minute time by the end of the year is a little out of my reach, I’m confident it will happen soon- Current PB is 31.57

4- Started on the festive baking. It’s not for me, granted, but I’ve got a marvellous fruit cake on the go for my friend Sarah. I’m doing her a chocolate log too (snigger) and get free reign on the decorations for both, so that makes me happy. Cake is currently being steeped in brandy on a semi-regular basis to keep it moist

5- Did the vast majority of my christmas shopping- Me and Mark made a day of it on Sunday- got to Lakeside before the shops opened, got everything we needed, then went home and bought most of the rest on Amazon- just a few bits to go now. And it’s all wrapped too- Go team!

6- Bought a new Christmas tree. Ours had a disasterous accident last new year, when my friend Stu fell in it and broke the bottom branches, and it was 7 years old anyway, so had done us a good service- We got a bargainous 7ft tall on e from B&Q for £35. Haven’t actually put it up yet, mind you.

7- Finally decided on a decorating plan for the front room- Having being wandering around on bare floorboards for the past two months, we finally decided on paint colours, wall paper, and a general plan of action for the front room. Unfortunately, its an absolutely MASSIVE room, and there’s SO much work to do that in spite of our best intentions, we are unlikely to get a good start on it until the new year, which is a good thing in a ways, as we have…

8- Decided to host new year again- We had so much fun last time, that we’ve decided to have another new year party. Last year’s highlights were an out of control chimenea that people kept feeding socks to,  a delicious rum punch and shot roulette- an ingenious way to use up the random spirits that collect in the back of the cupboard that nobody really likes. We were still finding party poppers under furniture well into last summer- It was a great success, so hope we can live up to expectations again!

Oh, and on a post script note, I am pleased to report that no moths have been seen for three weeks and counting. Breathing a tiny sigh of relief. Unless they’ve all gone to sleep because it’s too cold


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