Check your pace

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I look at running training plans for a bit of inspiration.  And I invariably get confused by instructions such as ‘run 5km easy’ or ‘2 miles tempo’.

2 things I’ve found useful so far:
One is an exercise tracking app called endomondo. There’s a pro version but I just use the big standard free one.  It tracks loads of stuff but you can pick three for your phone to display so I usually have the time elapsed, distance run (which it works out through gps) and current speed. I don’t think it’s entirely accurate, but what is really-works for me.

So that’s the ‘run x distance’ bit of the equation done.  The next bit involves going here and putting in the time and distance for your most recent race, or just a recent training run if you’ve not got to go to a race yet.  The programme then spits out your ideal paces for easy, tempo, max pace and speed work which you can then use in your training- natty, eh! (There are a few others to which might be of use to you but these are the main 4 that at are helpful to me

Slow/easy- 7.59
Tempo- 6.43
Speed work- 5.38
Max- 6.05

I did mine a few weeks ago to get a more definite idea of what I should be doing on my easy runs and was surprised it came out so slow.  Anyway I dutifully trotted off but felt actually it was a little bit TOO slow for me- while getting round the longer run was easy peasy, breathing-wise,  I felt that every single joint in my body was crying.  So next time I went about 20 seconds per km faster and seemed to hit a happy medium. I think the speed work times will be bang on so I’m looking forward to putting a speed session or two into my schedule in the coming weeks. And to hopefully seeing my race time come down, so I can reevaluate my paces in a few weeks (or months!) time and start nipping along like nobody’s business!


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