The beginnings of my running schedule

Uh-oh, confession time. I’m not very good at sticking to a schedule, but thought by putting my week’s intended runnings on the internet for all and sundry to see, I might be embarrassed into actually carrying it out.

Yeah whatever! Tuesday was meant to be
“Long slow run for 45 minutes”

Tuesday actually ended up with me leaving the office late, getting a phonecall from Mark on my way home to say that he was also going to be working uber late, so rather than running in the dark, on my own (most runs I don’t mind doing solo, but a long slow on a monday or tuesday evening has been a nice way for the two of us to have a chat, plus the added benefit of not getting mugged or anything going out on my own)  home I went, took a nice trip to the library to pick up some new books, and have a stirling, if slightly childish dinner of spaghetti hoops and potato waffles

When bed time came, I decided to at least keep a go at keeping on schedule and dutifully laid out my running kit, and put my alarm on for 6am. I’ll be honest, I knew at the time it was only really a token gesture- In all of my years of pootly running, I’ve never ever got out of bed earlier than I had to to go for a run, so it was no great surprise when 6am came and went and my bed was just too cosy to get out of!

So there I am, two days in, and one run behind schedule already. Rubbish!



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