A small battle with some moths

Back in the summer, Mark found some moths flying around in the cupboard under the stairs. We ignored them for a few weeks- it was summer, the doors had been open and well, it just didn’t seem too weird for there to be some moths under the stairs. Then Mark got paranoid, and decided to pull up the old carpet in the cupboard, just to make sure… and lo and behold, there were gross little moth larvae living in the carpet. Eww. And double eww.

We decided the easiest thing to do would be to pull the carpet out, bin it, hoover and bleach the cupboard. Which we did. And for a few weeks, there were no moths. We quietly high fived each other for getting on top of it all and went about our business. That was our first mistake

Then about three weeks later, there was a small cloud of the little bastards flying around in the front room. Shit, we thought, that’s not good. The carpet was one that needed replacing anyway, so we didn’t really care about the moths eating that and so we just decided to have a good old clean and hoover, and bought these little sticky pheromone traps that attract the men to it, and get them stuck in a sticky cage and left to die, and left it at that. That was mistake number two.

I did some reading, and started to panic a bit- A little knowledge is a dangerous thing indeed- Basically I found a load of scare stories about clothes and carpet moths being nigh-on impossible to get rid of- the lady moth lays loads of eggs in a quiet corner where they won’t be disturbed, and for about 50 days after that, the little larve hang out in your carpet or in your clothes munching away. We never found any signs of the moths having eaten anything, just the larvae on the back of the carpet, maybe ours were watching their waistlines or something similar. Then they turn into moths and start the whole process again.

It was in late September that they started flying around the front room again. Because of my copious amounts of reading around, I decided that now was the time for decisive action- We pulled up the mogey old carpet in the front room, binned it, bleached the floor and have been getting used to life on bare floorboards- its not so bad actually.

About a week after that, they started flying round in our bedroom. AKA, the only room in the house that we’d decorated since moving in, and it was time for some immediate panic stations- Did we have carpet moths, clothes moths, something else? How the bloody hell would we be able to find out?! So we took decisive action and took all of the clothes out of our wardrobe, moved them down to the carpetless front room in bin bags and set about washing everything at 60 degrees to try and boil the moth babies in their shells. Then we bought a carpet steamer, moved all the furniture and steamed anything soft (didn’t really want to throw away my new carpet!). And THEN we nuked everything with some pretty heavy duty insecticide and took shelter in the back bedroom for the next fortnight!

Thankfully, it’s been two weeks now and we’ve not seen any moths, so I hope (fingers crossed) that they’ve been banished. We’ve done some interim steaming and spraying in the bedroom, moved all the furniture in the other bedrooms to clean behind that and washed literally every article of clothing that we own, so now I just have a MASSIVE ironing pile and no clothes in the wardrobes. We decided to move back into our actual proper bedroom on Saturday, and have breathed a tentative sigh of relief. I say tentative- We do still have carpets that haven’t been insecticided and as I say above, those mothies take a bloody long time to grow, so there is still a chance that they’ll return, but for the time being at least, we feel like we’re alone in our own home!


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