A week in

Far from this being ‘the week when I start my running schedule properly’, it ended up turning into the ‘batten down the hatches, we’re in for a rough ride’ week!

As everyone within England knows, there was a storm a-brewin’ last week, and in spite of it not having much of an impact on me locally, it did mean that my trains into work were stopped all day Monday. That was quite nice, because I had a bit of  a stinker of a cold brewing, so ‘worked from home’ with a clear conscience (watched homes under the hammer, checked my emails a few times, made flapjacks- a lovely day in!)

The snuffly nose/sore throat combo was well on it’s way to progressing downwards, so I stuck to my mantra of ‘don’t go running if it goes below the neck’ and decided to have a week off of running entirely, to fully recover. Just as well really, because my local Parkrun was cancelled as the park was shut beucase of trees blowing down and all sorts! I could have gone to another one nearby, as there are plenty, but decided to finish off my week by doing no running at all and having a lovely lay-in, followed by a trip to IKEA before it got too busy- Bloody lovely it was!

I’m pleased to report the cold has gone, and so I’m intending on getting out twice this week, plus Parkrun on Saturday- Here’s the plan, should all go well, plus the paces I’m aiming for:

Tuesday- 45 minutes slow/easy (7 minute kms)

Thursday- 25 minutes at ‘parkrun pace’ plus 2 three-minute bursts of my optimal time (I’m trying to run a 5k in 30 minutes, so that’s 6 minute kms for the bursts, and the 25 minutes at 6 minutes 30)

Then on Sunday, I’m intending on doing another long slow run- 50 minutes at 7 minute kms

That’s the plan anyway!


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