Dia de los muertos costume

We had a halloween gathering to go to at the weekend, and after a fair bit of piddling around the internet, gathering costume ideas, I decided to go for a Mexican day of the dead sort of theme.

First of all, a head piece. In the summer, it might have been easy to pick something like this up, but being outside of the festival/pseudo hippie season, it wasn’t to be, so I made my own.

It turned out to be pretty easy-a wire three strand headband (bargain price of £1 in primark), a bunch of red fake flowers from the range and a tiny bunch of yellow flowers from the wedding bit of hobbycraft. Total cost, about a fiver


The big bunches of fake flowers generally have a smaller wire that’s been stuck into the fake stem, so first step was to pull the big red flowers or of the stems, leaving the wires in tact.

Then it was really easy to weave the wires into the headband, ending up so the flowers tilted forward rather than straight up.  Then I did the same with the little yellow flowers, to fill in the gaps. I had some red ribbon in the cupboard so tied a length on each side and called it a day

Face-wise, I bought some white liquid foundation and a block of black colour from a fancy dress shop.  The foundation just went on with fingers, although I think I could have gotten a smoother cover with a sponge (and if I did it again, I’d do my ears too!), and the black was wetted and then applied with an old eyeshadow brush around the eyes sockets. I did the lip lines with black khol eyeliner and finally cheated and got Mark to do the petals round my eyes… far too fiddly to do in the mirror!
Happy halloween!



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