What i learned at Parkruntoday- you can’t always get a PB

ParkRun 8: 33:00

I just knew I’d be writing this post this week! I had such a good run last week, knocking a pleasing minute and 8 seconds off of my PB and had successfully improved my time at every run I’d done on my home turf, Valentines Park (ok, technically there was one week where I boobed and ran an annoying one second longer than the week before, but I, if I may, will chalk that one up to experience)

Anyway, all the reading I’ve done said that you can’t carry on improving week on week, if you race every week (parkrun purists will shout now and say parkrun isnt a race, but it is for me, even if its just a race against myself… And a lady who keeps pipping me at the line, even though she walks loads and I plod the whole way- most annoying), so it really was only a matter of time before my week on week improvements stopped.

That said, I had a bad time today. I’ve had a training run in the past, where, if it werent for the fact that im not asthmatic, I would swear blind I was having an asthma attack- tight chest, difficulty breathing out properly…difficulty breathing in properly for that matter! And a generalised sort of wheezy feeling- it happened in the last 10 minutes or so of the training run, so I just slowed right down and trotted through 5 minutes before giving up and going home. Today though, the same feeling happened about 1 km into my run. While the first time I feltlike this it was a bit scary, this time at least I knew I wasn’t going to stop breathing or anything, so I gritted my teeth and carried on through, albeit at a much slower pace than I had done last week.

So on the plus side, although I was a bit miffed to not beat my PB again, I don’t think I’ve hit my capacity just yet so am going to put this down to a blip, and plough ahead to next week to see!

Next week- my actual, proper training plan begins, as opposed to the half-hearted effort I’ve been making thus far. On average, Ive been getting out once or twice a week, but without any real rhyme or reason, which has been nice for putting the miles in, while not feeling too disappointed if I fall behind a plan- handy, as the last month has been REALLY busy, but now, things are a bit quieter, and I feel like I can put a plan into action. Wish me luck!


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