Working my behind off

You may have gown the impression that over the last few weeks I’ve been a little bit busy at work.  If that hasn’t come across, well, I have.

Since the middle of September, I’ve been to Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and spent more hours in the office than I care to think about, courtesy of some events I helped a colleague out on and all the clear up and prep that organising a couple of conferences in a short space of time entails. Happily, I’ve waged war on my inbox and finally feel like I’m being back on top of everything, although there’s still a long way to go- I’m working with a conference company on a big event I’m organising next summer and it’s really interesting to see how they do it, but it’s giving me so many ideas for my own events that is just creating even more work!

Anyway, it’s now 20 past 5 ams I am merrily blogging from a tube on the central line- the earliest I’ve managed to get away from my desk in weeks! Have some photos of my last few weeks… (for some reason they’ve come out really low res- sorry about that!- I was trying this new photo gallery thing on my phone that maybe isn’t working so very well!!)


-Not one of my conferences, but a particularly scintillating banner I saw about a concrete symposium
-2 wedding cakes
-A room service dinner in Manchester-blue cheese and butternut squash risotto.  It wasn’t that good. Not pictured was my piggy side order of chips with bloody mary ketchup, which was superb!
-Posh complimentary nougat in my Edinburgh hotel.  It was national chocolate week and I am never one to say no to free stuff- The bowl was chocolate and the top spun sugar
-View from the Edinburgh hotel room
-And finally a massive bottle of vimto which I happened across on Manchester uni campus. The sign said we were on the site of the first vimto factory


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