The return of the woman that has it all

A few months back, I had a brief bit of a grump with myself about how I didn’t feel like I was making the most of my life and my grudging admiration for those women that had it all- the perfect job, the perfect tidy house, a rip roaring social life and a general feeling of smugness for keeping all the plates successfully spinning in life’s circus, while I was sitting on the sofa feeling despondent and not really bothering to do anything.

Anyway, after that post I shook myself down, gee’d myself up and started being a bit less lazy around the house, trying a bit harder at work and taking on cake orders again, which I’d not really done for the majority of the year out of sheer malaise.

I realised this weekend though that I’d gone possibly too far the other way! I had a September of working late far more than I care to think, making three big cake orders, battling a moth infestation in the house and trying to keep on top of the tidying, which found me scrubbing the toilet at half 11 at night on Thursday!

On Friday, I travelled to Edinburgh for a two day meeting. After an early start (particularly following my loo cleaning activities!) I ended up chatting to a medical rep over lunch and it transpired that she was a cake maker too. I asked how many orders she did and found myself feeling vaguely horrified when she said three or four every week, plus private tuition. She might have been fibbing, but far from feeling jealous of her bulging order book, I actually felt a little bit sorry for her-when on earth did she get to chill out in between a lot of work-based travelling, a lot of cake baking and looking after her two sons?

So I hope I’ve turned yet another corner in life, and it’s time to prioritise actually living, rather than doing stuff that sounds impressive to other people!

So I’m on the Stansted express home now, and rather than getting in, putting the washing on and doing battle with some more moths (more on those little bastards later), I will be going home to put a pizza in the oven and to spend some quality time with my other half in front of the Friday night telly

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, one and all!


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