Windfall muffins

I’ve charted over the last six odd months my somewhat rubbish success with growing veg (the tomato plant had thus far yielded a total of three very delicious cherry tomatoes, and then fell over today in the rain. Not holding out much hope for anything else!). Thankfully, infinitely more successful is the little fruit trees in the garden that must’ve been planted years ago and that I can hold no responsibility for the bountiful supply of fruit that they’ve given, having done nothing more than some over-enthusiastic pruning a few weeks back.

Since the end of August we’ve had apples and pears coming out of the wazoos, and while I don’t mind the occasional apple, I’m not the most massive fan of just eating pears as is. My sister pointed out that pear, blue cheese and walnut salad is lovely though, and I had a real slap forehead moment, as that is definitely in my top 10 favorite salads- how on earth could I have forgotten?!

So I bought some rocket and some stilton and prepared myself for the most awesome week of lunches ever. Forgot to buy walnuts though, and the whole thing feel apart. I ate pitta bread and ham all week and the pears, resplendent on a very cool glass cake stand and now joined by the Stilton in the fridge, continued to glare at me accusingly.

In the back of my head I knew there was a baking recipe I could use that involved pears and a quick flick through nigella express found me just what I had been thinking of- pear and ginger muffins. My muffins look infinitely more rubbish than nige’s bit they taste damn good and have less sugar and less effort. Win freaking win- Here is a recipe…

250g self raising flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp ground ginger
150g caster sugar
75g soft brown sugar
Small pot sour cream (mine was 150ml, minus a couple of spoon fulls that went on a burrito earlier in the week)
125ml vegetable oil
1 tablespoon honey
2 eggs
3 small pears

1- Pre heat the oven to 200°c/gas 6
2- put all the dry stuff in a bowl (everything on the list down to brown sugar)
3- mix everything else except the pears in a jug
4- mix the dry and the wet stuff together
5- chop the pears up. I didn’t bother faffing around peeling mine, and there were no pips which was nice, but if yours have pips and cores, you might want to chop them out so you dont get hard bits in your muffins. I chopped mine between half a cm and 1 cm dice-don’t worry too much about being precise- the fruity chunks are gooood
6- mix the pears in and plop into muffin cases in a tin
7- Bake for 20-25 minutes

eat warm, or in a little while with the aforementioned accusatory stilton and a nice glass of wine


I’ve had at least 6 so far. The recipe is that labour-free that I made them this morning as soon as i got up and had two for breakfast, straight from the oven. Then two more through the day as snacks. And another two as a more official meal, on a plate, with a lump of cheese. Piggy!


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