Park run with a runny nose

ParkRun 4- 34.08

Delightful! But unfortunately inevitable the freakishly speedy cold snap that England seems to be experiencing at the moment, coupled with a ridiculously busy couple of weeks at work and home was only going to end up one way-with me getting a bit of a cold.

My colds always start in the same way-scratchy throat, tickly cough, stuffy nose, before developing to can’t swallow, nose streaming, cough keeping me awake at night. Thankfully, being the trooper I am, I always carry on as normal, with minimal fuss.

For the last three weeks, I’ve been taking myself off with various friends and/or husband to valentines park run, and in the week I’ve been happily keeping up with my self imposed training schedule, which has meant that over the last three weeks, I’ve improved on my 5k time each week. Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to improve on my pb 4 weeks on the bounce, I decided to go to valentines park regardless of the sore throat and runny nose. Thankfully the Internet backed me up on this with the wisdom being if your cold symptoms are above the neck, carry on as normal, below the neck, have a few days off.

Off we went. It drizzled a lot. Mark and I huddled under a tree, shivering in our short sleeves until it was time to line up for the start line. I forgot to turn the gps on on my phone and for the first k didn’t know how fast I was going. Still, as the finish line loomed, I was pretty happy to see that I’d beaten my pb again, OR SO I THOUGHT! Oh no, when the official timings came in, I was one bloody second slower than my best time. One second! an amount of time so insignificant I can’t belive I didn’t just speed up a tiny bit more on the home stretch. It actually ruined my Saturday! Still, at least I get another chance to better my time next week. We’re going to be parkrun tourists next week-off to Chelmsford. Hope my cold has cleared up by then

Footnote (to add the whole point of the post!): how was it running with a cold? well in my case, with a mid-stage, struggling to swallow sore throat, I think it actually made me feel better- getting out in the cold air really cleared my head and while the throat was back with a vengeance and then some by the evening, for most of the day I felt like I’d kept it at bay a bit. Thumbs up in this case


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