5:2: Getting bored

So I’m now 7 weeks into my 5:2 diet and weight-loss-wise, it’s going fine- Start weight- 9 st 5, current weight 9st 2- so I’m only 1 lb off of what I wanted to be and it really hasn’t been too much of a slog. Yes, I’ve gotten hungry, but no, I haven’t cheated- most of the time I come in at around the 480 calories mark, rather than the 500, but sometimes I’ve gone a few over (like 10-15 or so) and haven’t really minded too much as it’s balancing itself out overall.

In the interests of being honest, I’m going to say that I don’t think it’s been life-changing- I’ve not found myself with boundless amounts of energy or a massive uptake in my mental agility or anything like that- Things have pretty much continued as normal, save for a vaguely smug feeling when I complete a fast day, and the warm glow of knowing that eating three kebabs in a weekend won’t scupper my figure… oh and to put things bluntly, there has been a slight lack of poo on fast days- no idea why, but I’m going to be making more of an effort to eat extra fibre on the feast days to balance things out!

I think because of the lack of life-changing-ness that the diet’s brought me, I’ve got as far of week 7 and am feeling a little bit… well, bored… not enough to give up or anything, but it’s not quite as much fun as it was in the early days. And yes, it WAS fun- trying to find maximum food for minimum calories was a challange, but now I’ve got a good idea of what the best things are, I’ve found myself falling into a bit of a pattern food-wise, which has got a little bit dull:

  • Breakfast- half a boiled egg plus half a tomato, 100g mushrooms, 2 rashers turkey bacon (to do in the microwave at work)- 130 calories
  • Lunch- salad with prawns or tuna- 120 calories
  • Dinner- a bit more varied- current staples are ratatouille, chickpea and butternut squash curry, veggie burgers with BNS chips or broccolli topped with puttanesca sauce- just shy of 200 calories
  • Snacks- two cups of tea (I only have a splash of milk, so 10 cals per piece) and a rich tea biscuit if I’m ridiculously hungry- 33 calories

So I’m making the effort now to go find some different things to eat- Sainsburys sweet and salty popcorn was my find for today- 80 calories per bag, if you can limit yourself!- I had soup for lunch today, just to get something different to salad, and tescos has had some superb deals on quorn products recently, so we’ve had quorn burgers (which taste like smokey bacon crisps) and there’s ‘chicken’ pieces for tonight’s dinner to be served with broccoli and sweet chilli sauce.

On the positive side, I do think that I’m more likely now to not eat just because it’s mealtime, and I’m definitely snacking a little less at work… at least, I’m taking less food to work with me, and thus eating less of it- I’m not sure what my will power would be like if I had a drawerful of snacks but wasn’t particularly hungry. Lets face it, work is sometimes pretty boring and the only thing to get you through the day is the thought of a cup of tea and a bar of chocolate- Who am I to deny myself that?!

Mark has lost almost half a stone, and he wants to lose another three quarters, so I’m going to carry on with the 5:2 for a little bit longer at least, until he’s at his target weight, and after that a decision will have to be made whether to carry on down this road, or whether we’re bored of it


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