I didn’t kill the tomatoes!

What seems like months ago now, I had a go at planting some tomatoes (mainly because I had bought a little set of salad seeds from Tesco last year on the basis that they looked cute and were in the sale)

I profess to not having a single green fingered cell in my body, so took the approach that if I chucked it in and something happened, it would still have been cheaper than buying tomatoes on the first place so nothing ventured and all that.  After chucking in, getting some little green shoots and deciding at some point to repot them into something bigger, because I had a vague inkling that that was what you were meant to do, I just sort of left them to their own devices.

Nothing really happened for a while, mainly because I wasn’t really watering them enough (well, it was earlier in the year when England was stuck in its ‘why is it not summer yet’ doldrums and it seemed a bit over kill to bother) but I did eventually acquire a watering can and have given them a sprinkling every so often, which has meant they’ve grown so tall that they can barely hold themselves up. I put a massive bit of stick in the pot with them but haven’t gotten around to tying them to it yet, but they seem to be happy enough being propped up.

I also had a vague idea that you’re meant to take off any side shoots, possibly so the plant can concentrate on growing tomatoes, rather than loads of leaves, but having no idea what a side shoot is, I’ve just been pulling off random leaves willy nilly.  I mean, surely everything is a side shoot… Does that mean you’re just meant to end up with one stem with one leaf on it? Because that seems a bit silly.

I toyed with the idea of feeding them, even going as far as to buy liquid tomato feed, but the instructions on the bottle said something mad like ‘take one gallon of water’ and having no idea how much a gallon would be off the top of my head, I got bored and didn’t bother.

I did have a bit of a hairy moment when the plants seemed to be attracting millions of tiny little flies, but I took the non-organic approach and bought some bug killer.  They seem to have disappeared now!

And finally, I went out to the garden yesterday to give them a little drink and lo and behold! There were some teeny little green tomatoes! No saying yet whether they will ever get big enough to eat, or ripe enough not to give you the shits but for now at least, I feel a small amount of progress has been made




2 thoughts on “I didn’t kill the tomatoes!

  1. Sounds like you are just like me…except you are having more success LOL! I have always loved gardenias (my great nana had a beautiful gardenia bush just next to her front steps) so I decided to buy a plant. They are super fussy and don’t like it too hot or too cold. So what do I do? Forget about it during a 10 day heat wave in summer. I noticed it on its side and brown and dry after it was cool enough to leave the house. I tried sitting it in a bucket of water for a few weeks (I hoped it would magically come back to life) but it just grew mould and evenutally I threw it out and made myself some un-killable paper gardenias LOL….now I just need some gardenia perfume…

  2. Haha- you want to see the state of my courgettes- I was actually too embarrassed to post pictures of those! Still, i think that if the tomatoes are growing with literally no encouragement from me, perhaps my garden is a tiny bit magical!

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