A little trip to the seaside


Having not been to Southend in about 18 months, I suddenly found myself taking the trip twice in the space of a month. Southend is not what you would term glamourous- in fact, it’s not really even the seaside at all- just the end of the Thames, really- lots of stretches of shingle and mud flats, but still, being the closest ‘seaside’ to home, it holds a certain amount of childhood memories, so when I found myself with a random day off work and the sun still shining, and a sister and mum who work in schools and so were on school holiday, we decided to take ourselves off on a bit of a tour.

First stop, Leigh on Sea- home of the cockle sheds and surprising home of some absolutely brilliant looking shops. With small niece and nephew in tow, we decided to leave the shopping for another day, but took the opportunity to have crab rolls in the sunshine and a bit of a mooch up and down the front.

Next we took a drive down to the other end, the slightly more sinister arcades and boozers end for some chips in the chippy that we always go to in Southend- Neptunes- no idea why we always go there, but it’s tradition now, even if it does mean driving 10 minutes up the road from Leigh!

I was a bit gutted that after my crabby sandwich and my chips, I was too full for a Mr Whippy, so had to forgo that- It’ll give me an excuse to take another trip to the seaside! You can get the full extent of how crappy Southend is, beach-wise, in my chip photos. After standing on the ‘beach’ for a bit, trying to persuade small nephew Fin not to go in the water, because it was cold, we took a big old walk down the front, towards the pier, where I got a little bit stuck in a tiny bus and then we toddled off home, rather knackered after a day of walking


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