A serious case of pink eye

So I got my hair cut a couple of weeks ago, and in a fit of severe vanity, realised that my new do didn’t look very good with my glasses, so I took myself off to the opticians to find out about continual wear contacts. I’ve been wearing daily disposables for a few years now, on a vaguely irregular basis but if I wanted to wear them every day, they work out to be SO expensive, so I was in search of a cheaper alternative.

The optitian tried to warn me off of continual wear lenses, saying that people get loads of eye infections doing that, but I insisted I’d be fine and he gave me a pair to try for a week and told me to take them out at night for the first few nights, and then have a go at a few days of continual wear later in the week. So very dutifully, for two nights, I’ve been taking them out, cleaning them and popping them back in- So far so good. Saturday night, I went out on the razzle dazzle, got home at 3am and managed in my booze-addled state to still get my lenses out, clean and in the relevant pots. The next morning, however, when the stupefying effects of alcohol had worn off, oh my lordy lou- my right eye felt like someone was stabbing at it!

I did a sneaky bit of self-diagnosis online and decided I must have scratched my cornea when I took the lens out- It doesn’t hurt as much today, but it’s soo pink- so it’s back to the glasses, and no make up just to be on the safe side. Look where vanity has got me!!

And another 5:2 update, seeing as it’s Monday and all:

It’s weigh in day, and I have lost 1/4 lb. So my total weight loss in the last month is…. 1/4 lb! Ha- seems a bit ridiculous really, doesn’t it? On the plus side, I’m still actually enjoying the strictness of fast days, and I am basically eating the moon on a stick on my ‘normal’ days, so all in all, that’s win-win, right- I don’t think there would have been a diet otherwise that would have allowed my eatings from yesterday- it was quite frankly disgusting!- Pizza rolls for breakfast, cheese burgers for lunch, sausages, chips and beans for dinner, and snacks of malteasers, crisps and ice cream!

Back on the fast wagon this morning though, with my new favourite find- Turkey bacon- 2 rashers is 54 calories, so I had a brilliant (microwaved) breakfast of turkey bacon, mushrooms and tomato, all for 90 calories!


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